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  1. someone who plays the game of golf
  2. (golf) a game played on a large open course with 9 or 18 holes; the object is use as few strokes as possible in playing all the holes
  3. play golf
  4. (golfing) playing golf; "he goes south every winter for the golfing"
  5. This article provides a list of all known episodes of The Honeymooners, both as a sketch and as the television series.
  6. (Golfers) The following lists of golfers are arranged alphabetically: *List of golfers (A-R) *List of golfers (S-Z)
  7. (Golf (Atari 2600)) Golf is a 1980 video game for the Atari 2600 based on the sport of the same name. The game was developed and published by Atari. In this game, one or two players can play nine holes of golf.
  8. (Golf (card game)) Golf is not one, but two different card games where players try to earn the lowest number of points (as in golf, the sport) over the course of nine deals (or "holes" to further use golfing teminology). ...
  9. (Golf (equipment)) Golf equipment encompasses the various items that are used to play the sport of golf. ...
  10. (Golf (film)) Golf is a 1922 silent comedy film featuring Oliver Hardy.
  11. (golf) A ball game played by individuals competing against one another in which the object is to hit a ball into each of a series of (usually 18 or nine) holes in the minimum number of strokes; The letter G in the ICAO spelling alphabet; To play golf
  12. (GOLF) military phonetic for the letter 'G'
  13. (Golf) Simulation of a traditional golf game. (To describe Miniature Golf, combine with the “Arcade” genre.)
  14. (GOLF) Precision, exactness / The need for leisure; slowing down the pace / Feeling 'teed off'; wanting to join the 'club', change 'course' or dig yourself out of a 'hole' / (see SPORTS)
  15. (Golf) 2007 saw the men's golf team compete in its first back-to-back National Championship tournaments since 1960. The team, coached by Greg Sands, qualified for the tournament after finishing 7th in NCAA Central Regional.
  16. (Golf) A G-protein found uniquely in olfactory receptor neurons.
  17. (Golf) A suitable sport for Club Members. This does NOT include so-called 'Crazy Golf', which is a sign of Bank Holiday Madness, and People Who Think That They Are Having Fun.
  18. (Golf) Boggy, Foursome, Stymic, Tee, Put, Hole, Niblic, Caddie, Links, The green, Bunker
  19. (Golf) Code word for "G" in the phonetic alphabet
  20. (Golf) Complied an 88-0 dual match record from 1980 through 1983. 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 2007 Iron Hills Conference Champions, 2007 Group II State Sectional 2nd Place, 1983 NJSIAA Tournament of Champions 6th Place Overall, 2007 NJSIAA Tournament of Champions 8th Place Overall
  21. (Golf) From the Dutch word "kolf", meaning club, but the game was invented in Scotland game going back at least to the 1400's. It's popularity was hampered by requiring close-cropped grass. ...
  22. (Golf) One of Rupert’s favourite sports which he often enjoys with James and Oliver Phelps. He started playing on the set of Prisoner of Azkaban and followed Samuel L. Jackson’s invitation to the Shooting Stars Charity Tournament.
  23. (Golf) The Llanelli area has three golf courses, including the Machynys Peninsula Golf & Country Club,^[6] which is and has been the host of the Wales Ladies Championship of Europe since 2005.
  24. (Golf) To be playing golf or watching the game, denotes that pleasant and successive wishing will be indulged in by you. To see any unpleasantness connected with golf, you will be humiliated by some thoughtless person.
  25. (Golf) Tre's favorite sport.