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glinted, past participle; glinted, past tense; glints, 3rd person singular present; glinting, present participle;
  1. Give out or reflect small flashes of light
    • - her glasses were glinting in the firelight
  2. (of a person's eyes) Shine with a particular emotion
    • - his eyes glinted angrily
  1. A small flash of light, esp. as reflected from a shiny surface
    • - the glint of gold in his teeth
  2. A brightness in someone's eyes seen as a sign of enthusiasm or a particular emotion
    • - she saw the glint of excitement in his eyes

  1. flicker: a momentary flash of light
  2. glitter: be shiny, as if wet; "His eyes were glistening"
  3. a spatially localized brightness
  4. glance: throw a glance at; take a brief look at; "She only glanced at the paper"; "I only peeked--I didn't see anything interesting"
  5. Glint is an American electronic rock band composed of chief songwriter Jase Blankfort (vocals, guitar, programming), Mateus Tebaldi (drums, percussion), Philip Kuperberg (samples, programming, synthesizers), Alon Leventon (synthesizers, keyboards), and Dave Johnsen (bass). ...
  6. A signed four-byte integer capable of holding a value between −2,147,483,648 and 2,147,483,647
  7. A visual defect in a fiber glass reinforced cured organic (usually corrosion resistant resin) panel. The defect appears as many small visible unwet or foreign substances - a salt and pepper effect. The defect is not visible before cure but appears at exotherm of the panel.
  8. gated laser intensifier