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Of a dull grayish-green or blue color,
  1. Of a dull grayish-green or blue color

  2. Covered with a powdery bloom like that on grapes

  1. having a frosted look from a powdery coating, as on plants; "glaucous stems"; "glaucous plums"; "glaucous grapes"
  2. Of a pale green colour with a bluish-grey tinge, especially when covered with a powdery residue; Covered with a bloom or a pale powdery covering, regardless of colour
  3. thinly covered with a whitish bloom.
  4. bluish to whitish green. Often used to describe juvenile leaves with a waxy bloom or small fine hairs.
  5. With a whitish or grayish covering that can be rubbed off.
  6. non-shiney, dull, a greyish bloom on leaves
  7. Covered with a wax-like bloom, applied to the cuticle of some cactus species.
  8. pale blue green or grayish green furze that easily wipes off
  9. Covered with a fine white powdery substance that rubs off, like that on a cabbage leaf.
  10. Having a bluish gray waxy surface. (21)
  11. Term describing waxy film on the surface of a leaf or stem, giving it a bluish appearance and serving to reduce water loss.
  12. Covered with a waxy bloom or whitish material that rubs off readily, e.g. the bloom on many sorts of grape.
  13. a waxy coating (or bloom) producing a white to blue coloring over the plant parts, the coating is capable of rubbing or washing off especially in hot conditions
  14. In describing plant parts, especially leaves and stems, refers to a waxy, whitish coating.
  15. Blue-green or a blue-gray to white powdery bloom which usually refers to the leaves and stems. Green grapes would be described as glaucous also.
  16. powdery covering; e.g., Acer negundo, Rhus glabra
  17. (GLAW-kus) -- Having a whitish or grayish bloom on the foliage as in Brassavola glauca.
  18. Covered with a fine, waxy, removable powder that imparts a whitish or bluish cast to the surface.
  19. A special powdery or waxy coating on the stems and foliage
  20. yellowish-green ("glaucous twilight")
  21. Covered with a thin layer of wax. Glaucous plant parts often appear blue-gray, blue-green, or gray-green. The term is also used to denote such coloration.
  22. Covered with a white wax.
  23. Of a sea-green colour.