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gasped, past tense; gasped, past participle; gasps, 3rd person singular present; gasping, present participle;
  1. Inhale suddenly with the mouth open, out of pain or astonishment
    • - a woman gasped in horror at the sight of him
  2. Say (something) while catching one's breath, esp. as a result of strong emotion
    • - Jeremy gasped out an apology
    • - “It's beautiful!,” she gasped, much impressed
  3. Strain to take a deep breath
    • - she surfaced and gasped for air
  1. A convulsive catching of breath
    • - his breath was coming in gasps

  1. a short labored intake of breath with the mouth open; "she gave a gasp and fainted"
  2. pant: breathe noisily, as when one is exhausted; "The runners reached the finish line, panting heavily"
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  4. A short, sudden intake of breath; (slang): A draw or drag on a cigarette (or gasper); : To draw in the breath suddenly, as if from a shock; : To breathe laboriously or convulsively; : To speak in a breathless manner
  5. (Gasping) Instance of difficulty in breathing; a laborious effort to breath
  6. The right "five" hand touches the chest and the facial expression should reflect gasping.
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