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gamblers, plural;
  1. A person who gambles
    • - a compulsive gambler

  1. a person who wagers money on the outcome of games or sporting events
  2. someone who risks loss or injury in the hope of gain or excitement
  3. (gambling) the act of playing for stakes in the hope of winning (including the payment of a price for a chance to win a prize); "his gambling cost him a fortune"; "there was heavy play at the blackjack table"
  4. Gambler is a 1971 Bollywood thriller film directed by Amarpreet. The film stars Dev Anand and Shatrughan Sinha.
  5. Gambler is the name of two fictional supervillains in the DC Universe. The original version first appeared in 1944 as a foe of the original Green Lantern. He was also one of the founding members of the original Injustice Society, which often combated the Justice Society of America.
  6. Gambler was a musical staged in Germany written by Eric Woolfson. It features several of his most popular singles from his earlier writing with The Alan Parsons Project. ...
  7. Though each Final Fantasy story is independent, many aspects of gameplay have remained relatively consistent throughout the series.
  8. "Gambler" is a song by American recording artist Madonna. It was the second single released from the soundtrack album of the motion picture Vision Quest, and was released on October 3, 1985, by Geffen Records. ...
  9. The Gambler is a 1974 movie starring James Caan, Lauren Hutton, and Paul Sorvino.
  10. The Gambler is Kenny Rogers' sixth studio album, one of his most popular, released in 1978, proving Rogers' status as one of the most successful artists of the 1970's and '80s, reaching many markets around the world, such as the far east and Jamaica, with Rogers later commenting "when I go to ...
  11. The following is a list of episodes for the television show, Matlock. Total Number of Episodes: 195
  12. One who plays at a game of chance, who gambles; One who takes risks
  13. (gambling) An activity characterised by a balance between winning and losing that is governed by a mixture of skill and chance
  14. Gamblers is a timed event where you have 30 seconds to run whatever course you want – each obstacle is worth a certain amount of points, so you try to do the obstacles that are worth the most points. You can only do each obstacle twice. ...
  15. (Gambling) To unlawfully bet or wager money or something else of value; assist, promote, or operate a game of chance for money or some other stake; possess or transmit wagering information; manufacture, sell, purchase, possess, or transport gambling equipment, devices, or goods; or tamper with ...
  16. (GAMBLING) Wagering money with the intention of profiting more often than not.
  17. (Gambling) To bet money on the outcome of a game of chance.
  18. (GAMBLING) Risking money that will win or lose depending on the outcome of the event wagered on.
  19. (GAMBLING) The act of risking or giving something of value for the opportunity to obtain a benefit from a game or contest of chance or skill. ARS 13-3301.
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  21. (Gambling) May contain games that are played for money (real or simulated).
  22. (Gambling) Playing any game of skill or chance for money or anythingof value.
  23. (Gambling) Promoting, permitting, or engaging in illegal gambling.
  24. (Gambling) Putting money in an investment with a negative expected return. Some claim that investing in capital markets is gambling; Northstar disagrees. Capital markets offer a positive expected return. ...
  25. (Gambling) Risking money against the casino or a game for a desired outcome.