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Fridays, plural;
  1. The day of the week before Saturday and following Thursday
    • - he was arrested on Friday
    • - the cleaning woman came on Fridays
    • - Friday evening
  1. On Friday
    • - we'll try again Friday
  2. On Fridays; each Friday
    • - he goes there Fridays

  1. the sixth day of the week; the fifth working day
  2. The children's novel series A Series of Unfortunate Events features a large cast of characters created by Lemony Snicket. The series follows the turbulent lives of the Baudelaire orphans after their parents, Bertrand and Beatrice, are killed in an arsonous structure fire. ...
  3. Friday is the debut album by the Danish pop singer and Popstars participant Christine Milton, released on April 13, 2004. It spawned four singles, with Superstar being the most successful, peaking at #1 on the Danish Singles Chart in February 2003. It was later covered internationally by Jamelia.
  4. Friday is a 2000 AD character. Like Rogue he is a Genetic Infantryman fighting on Nu-Earth although his connections with Rogue were initially unclear. At one point he also teamed up with Venus Bluegenes.
  5. "Friday" is the sixth and last single from Daniel Bedingfield's debut album, Gotta Get thru This. It reached number 28 in the UK.
  6. Friday is one of the main characters of Daniel Defoe's novel Robinson Crusoe. Robinson Crusoe names the man, with whom he cannot at first communicate, Friday because they first meet on that day. ...
  7. Friday is a 1995 dramatic comedy-buddy film directed by F. Gary Gray. Starring Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Nia Long, Bernie Mac, Tommy Lister, Jr. ...
  8. Friday is a 1982 science fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein. It is the story of a female "artificial person," the titular character, genetically engineered to be stronger, faster, smarter, and generally better than normal humans. ...
  9. Licht (Light), subtitled "The Seven Days of the Week," is a cycle of seven operas composed by Karlheinz Stockhausen which, in total, lasts over 29 hours.
  10. Friday, also known as Linda Friday, (born July 14, 1971 in Salem, Oregon) is an American big-busted pornographic film actress who started acting in adult films in 2000; she has appeared in more than 150 films since then.
  11. (Fridays) formerly was associated with Atkins approved appetizers, entrees, and desserts.
  12. Questions and group work, based on the week's material
  13. Old English originating from the Christian “fish day”, the day we fry fish.
  14. buy work related stuff, colouring work, setting out plots
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  19. Nullifying (negativeness) opposition
  20. named after Frigga (Norse goddess)
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