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fresher, comparative; freshest, superlative;
  1. Not previously known or used; new or different
    • - the court had heard fresh evidence
  2. Recently created or experienced and not faded or impaired
    • - the memory was still fresh in their minds
  3. (of food) Recently made or obtained; not canned, frozen, or otherwise preserved

  4. (of a person) Full of energy and vigor
    • - they are feeling fresh after a good night's sleep
  5. (of a color or a person's complexion) Bright or healthy in appearance

  6. (of a person) Attractively youthful and inexperienced

  7. (of a person) Having just had (a particular experience) or come from (a particular place)
    • - we were fresh out of art school
  8. (of water) Not salty

  9. Pleasantly clean, pure, and cool
    • - a bit of fresh air does her good
  10. (of the wind) Cool and fairly strong

  11. Presumptuous or impudent toward someone, esp. in a sexual way
    • - some of the men tried to get fresh with the girls
  12. (of a cow) Yielding a renewed or increased supply of milk following the birth of a calf

  1. Newly; recently
    • - fresh-baked bread
    • - fresh-cut grass

  1. newly: very recently; "they are newly married"; "newly raised objections"; "a newly arranged hairdo"; "grass new washed by the rain"; "a freshly cleaned floor"; "we are fresh out of tomatoes"
  2. recently made, produced, or harvested; "fresh bread"; "a fresh scent"; "fresh lettuce"
  3. (of a cycle) beginning or occurring again; "a fresh start"; "fresh ideas"
  4. bracing: imparting vitality and energy; "the bracing mountain air"
  5. original and of a kind not seen before; "the computer produced a completely novel proof of a well-known theorem"
  6. not canned or otherwise preserved; "fresh vegetables"
  7. "F.R.E.S.H." was the second single released from Scribe's second studio solo album, Rhyme Book. It was released on 8 September, 2007. The song contains a sample from Fresh 3 MC's 1983 single "FRESH".
  8. Fresh! is the debut album from Australian Dance-pop singer/songwriter, Gina G. The album peaked at #12 on the UK album chart and #27 on the Heatseekers chart. The album is certified Silver in the United Kingdom.
  9. Something for Everybody is the ninth studio album by American New Wave band Devo. The album was released on June 15, 2010 after previously being slated for release in May 2010, pushed back from its original release date of late 2009 due to "radical remixing. ...
  10. Fresh is a 1994 crime film written and directed by Boaz Yakin in his film directorial debut, and produced by Lawrence Bender (seen in a cameo appearance), who at the time was riding the wave of success of Reservoir Dogs. It was scored by Stewart Copeland, an ex-band member of The Police.
  11. Fresh, an internet community supported project started by John Found, is an integrated development environment (IDE) for flat assembler languages. ...
  12. Fresh was the first album by Australian actress, singer and model Melissa Tkautz, released in Australia in 1992.
  13. A rush of water, along a river or on to the land; a flood; Of produce, not from storage; Of plant material, still green and not dried; Refreshing or cool; Without salt; not saline; Rude, cheeky, or inappropriate; Rested; not tired or fatigued; Having only the files and settings of a specific ...
  14. A positive characteristic applying to freshly harvested and roasted coffee whose flavor is particularly vivid. An aromatic highlight in the coffee bean and brew that is highly pleasing. ...
  15. New, cool, good. An early hip-hop term.
  16. Young and vital-often applied to well balanced light wines, low in tannin, that are drunk young.
  17. Tasting term for a wine (usually white) that is clean, possibly aromatic, light bodied and with good acidity. The sort of wine that you'd want to chill down and glug on a summer's day.
  18. applied generally to younger whites or lighter reds to denote a pleasant, youthful sensation. Beaujolais, for instance, are fresh when consumed young, as are many Zinfandels, Bardolinos, Maréchal Fochs and Bacos.
  19. Fresh is a term often used to describe citrus or green notes, found in light perfumes.
  20. Having a lively, clean and fruity character. An essential for young wines.
  21. or Refrigerated, produced through pasteurization of fresh ingredients. Products are lightly cooked and then quickly sealed in a vacuum package. Then, it is refrigerated until the time it is served. ...
  22. Freshness in both young and old wines is a welcome and pleasing component. A wine is said to be fresh when it is lively and cleanly made. The opposite of fresh is stale.
  23. Implies the lively fruity acidity, maybe a little bite of acid, found in youthful light reds, rose's and most whites. All young whites should be fresh. The opposite is flatness, staleness.
  24. Describes wine with good levels of acidity and a lively, crisp character.
  25. adj. 1. (of an object yielded by a function) having been newly-allocated by that function. (The caller of a function that returns a fresh object may freely modify the object without fear that such modification will compromise the future correct behavior of that function.) 2. ...