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Goods transported by truck, train, ship, or aircraft,
  1. Transport (goods) in bulk by truck, train, ship, or aircraft
    • - the metals had been freighted from the city
    • - ships freighting to Dublin
  2. Be laden or burdened with
    • - each word was freighted with anger
  1. Goods transported by truck, train, ship, or aircraft

  2. The transport of goods by truck, train, ship, or aircraft

  3. A charge for such transport

  4. A train of freight cars
    • - sugar and molasses moving by freight
  5. A load or burden

  1. cargo: goods carried by a large vehicle
  2. transport commercially as cargo
  3. load with goods for transportation
  4. the charge for transporting something by common carrier; "we pay the freight"; "the freight rate is usually cheaper"
  5. Cargo (or freight) is goods or produce transported, generally for commercial gain, by ship, aircraft, train, van or truck. In modern times, containers are used in most intermodal long-haul cargo transport.
  6. A freight train or goods train is a group of freight cars (US) or goods wagons (UIC) hauled by one or more locomotives on a railway, ultimately transporting cargo between two points as part of the logistics chain. ...
  7. (Freights) railroad train cars.
  8. The amount of money due for the carriage of goods and payable either in advance or upon delivery.
  9. (1) Goods moved for another or, (2) The remuneration earned by a shipowner or manager for the carriage of goods; including the profit derived from carrying his own goods.
  10. merchandise hauled by a transportation line.
  11. as an expression used to indicate the actual cost of movement. This would be in the context of a "freight rate", but you will be asked, "how much freight did you pay?" which could actually be the total of all transport costs from A to B, whether called freight-rates or not. ...
  12. Exhibits, products and equipment for a show, moved by a carrier.
  13. Freight is charged on each order, including back orders, as a freight component is not included in the cost of goods
  14. Any commodity being transported.
  15. Goods being transported from one place to another.
  16. A term for cargo or the cost of shipping.
  17. Goods transported in bulk by road, rail or sea.
  18. Property transported by air. (Excludes mail and passenger baggage.)
  19. K-Tube's shipping point is FOB 13400 Kirkham Way, Poway, California. Insurance will be added for all orders.
  20. All CDC products will be shipped the fastest, most economical method, from Novi, Michigan. The standard shipping method used by CDC is Fed Ex ground unless otherwise notified by the customer. Due to the size of certain products, truck shipments will be necessary. ...
  21. carga; mercancías; transporte; flete; freight yard
  22. Poles can be shipped by several methods, including: rail, flatbed truck, tripstake truck, and self unloading truck. (See Details)
  23. amount of money paid to the shipowner or shipping line for the carriage of cargo. Sometimes used to denote cargo.
  24. For domestic and international shipments weighing between 151 and 2,200 pounds. Both time-definite FedEx Express services and cost-effective FedEx Freight LTL (less-than-truckload) services are available.
  25. goods to be shipped or transported; a mover's cargo.