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Favored by or involving good luck or fortune; lucky,
  1. Favored by or involving good luck or fortune; lucky
    • - she'd been fortunate to escape more serious injury
    • - it was fortunate that the weather was good
  2. Auspicious or favorable
    • - a most fortunate match for our daughter
  3. Materially well-off; prosperous
    • - less fortunate children still converged on the soup kitchens

  1. having unexpected good fortune; "other, less fortunate, children died"; "a fortunate choice"
  2. supremely favored; "golden lads and girls all must / like chimney sweepers come to dust"
  3. presaging good fortune; "she made a fortunate decision to go to medical school"; "rosy predictions"
  4. "Fortunate" is a R&B song from the 1999 motion picture Life and was released on the film's soundtrack. The song was composed by R. Kelly and recorded by Maxwell. ...
  5. Cartel is Cartel's second album, released in stores on August 21, 2007 despite being announced by the band's lead singer as coming out on July 24, 2007. It was officially completed at sometime around 8:00 p.m. on June 10, 2007 and features "Lose It" as the first single.
  6. Coming by good luck or favorable chance; Bringing some good thing not foreseen as certain; Presaging happiness; Auspicious; Receiving some unforeseen or unexpected good, or some good which was not dependent on one's own skill or efforts; Lucky, favored by fortune