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The science or practice of planting, managing, and caring for forests,
  1. The science or practice of planting, managing, and caring for forests

  1. the science of planting and caring for forests and the management of growing timber
  2. (forest) afforest: establish a forest on previously unforested land; "afforest the mountains"
  3. (forest) the trees and other plants in a large densely wooded area
  4. (forest) land that is covered with trees and shrubs
  5. Forestry is the art and science of managing forests, tree plantations, and related natural resources. The main goal of forestry is to create and implement systems that allow forests to continue a sustainable continuation of environmental supplies and services. ...
  6. Forestry (foaled 1996 in Kentucky) is an American Thoroughbred racehorse. He was sired by Storm Cat out of the mare Shared Interest, by Pleasant Colony.
  7. "The Forestry" is a maxi-single by David Byrne containing dance and industrial remixes of pieces from The Forest by Jack Dangers, Rudy Tambala, and Anthony Capel.
  8. (A Forest) "A Forest" is a single by the British rock band The Cure, released on March 28, 1980 as the only single from their second album Seventeen Seconds. It was their first chart single in the UK, reaching #31; the song was also a hit in the Netherlands, reaching #26. ...
  9. A forest (also called a wood, woodland, wold, weald, holt, frith or firth) is an area with a high density of trees. There are many definitions of a forest, based on the various criteria. These plant communities cover approximately 9. ...
  10. FOREST (an acronym for "Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco") is a United Kingdom political pressure group that campaigns for the right of people to smoke tobacco and opposes attempts to ban or reduce tobacco consumption. FOREST also disputes the health risks of smoking.
  11. The science of planting and growing trees in forests; The art and practice of planting and growing trees in forests; The art and practice of cultivating, exploiting and renewing forests for commercial purposes; Commercial tree farming
  12. (forest) A dense collection of trees covering a relatively large area. Larger than woods; Any dense collection or amount; A defined area of land formerly set aside in England as a royal hunting ground; a disjoint union of trees; To cover an area with trees
  13. (Forest) translates five Heb. words: (1) Ya'ar, forest proper; (2) horesh, "wooded height"; (3) çebak, a clump of trees; (4) 'abhim, thicket; (5) pardeç, orchard. ...
  14. (Forest) There are many definitions of forests. The FAO definition is land with tree crown cover (or equivalent stocking level) of more than 10% and an area of more than 0.5 ha. Trees should be able to reach a height of more than 5 metres.
  15. (forest) A biological community dominated by trees and other woody plants.
  16. (forest) A collection of Mercurial repositories which can be managed as a set. Commands to operate on forests are defined by the Forest Extension.
  17. (forest) a group of one or more Active Directory trees that trust each other. All trees in a forest share a common schema, configuration, and global catalog. When a forest contains multiple trees, the trees do not form a contiguous namespace. ...
  18. (Forest) a plant community of predominantly trees and other woody vegetation growing more or less closely together, its related flora and fauna, and the values attributed to it. (CSA Z808 96) return to top
  19. The forest refers to the collection of all objects managed by an Active Directory network. Forests can contain objects, object attributes, and rules. Along with trees and domains, the forest is a primary component of the typical Active Directory network structure. See also: Domain, Objects, Tree
  20. (forest) In the United Kingdom, there is no formal definition of 'forest'; the term is often used for large areas (especially conifers) or for old Royal hunting preserves such as the New Forest or the Forest of Dean.
  21. (forest) A tract of land thick with trees and underbrush.
  22. (6 - Forest (Chap 61)) 7 - Agricult./Horticult. (Chap. 61A)
  23. (FOREST) By the English law, a forest is a circuit of ground properly under the king's protection, for the peaceable living and abiding of beasts of hunting and the chase, and distinguished not only by having bounds and privileges, but also by having courts and offices. 12 do. 22. ...
  24. (FOREST) FLOOR: This is the bottom most layer in the rainforest. This is the layer including the ground. In a true rainforest this layer has a very shallow soil base, with limited organic matter. ...
  25. (FOREST) Natural growth; strength; diversity / Feeling overwhelmed or lost; unable to see a clear path; narrow-mindedness / (see TREE, WOOD)