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The part of a view that is nearest to the observer, esp. in a picture or photograph,
  1. Make (something) the most prominent or important feature
    • - sexual relationships are foregrounded and idealized
  1. The part of a view that is nearest to the observer, esp. in a picture or photograph
    • - the images show vegetation in the foreground
  2. The most prominent or important position or situation
    • - whenever books are chosen for children, meaning should always be in the foreground

  1. the part of a scene that is near the viewer
  2. move into the foreground to make more visible or prominent; "The introduction highlighted the speaker's distinguished career in linguistics"
  3. (computer science) a window for an active application
  4. The elements of an image which lie closest to the picture plane; The subject of an image, often depicted at the bottom in a two-dimensional work; the application the user is currently interacting with; the application window that appears in front of all others; To place in the foreground ( ...
  5. The area in the image in front of the subjects closest to the photographer
  6. The image or figure, as opposed to the background.
  7. The part of an artwork that seems the closest to you.
  8. area in an image closer than the main subject.
  9. A foreground program runs and interacts with the user. See Background.
  10. A program that is accepting or controlling a terminal's input is said to be running in the foreground.
  11. (1) in multiprogramming, the environment in which high-priority programs are executed. (2) Under TSO, the environment in which programs are swapped in and out of central storage to allow CPU time to be shared among terminal users. All command processor programs execute in the foreground. ...
  12. executing a program such that its parent (usually the shell) waits for its completion before resuming control. Typically, only one program can run in the foreground in any one terminal window.
  13. In linear perspective, the section of a painting that appears closest to the viewer. See also Perspective.
  14. The portion of a scene closest to the camera, in contrast to the middle ground and background. Including a foreground in a landscape or snapshot helps create a sense of depth, and can add a useful accent or setting for the main, more distant subject.
  15. The content of the frame or the action that takes place in it closer to the camera lens or viewer, as opposed to in the distance.
  16. The immediately accessible portion of the central processing unit (CPU), which has priority over any background functions in processing.
  17. The interactive portion of the a computer system; e.g. when you are using CMS interactively, your commands are executed in the foreground, when you issue them.
  18. An RGB color specification such as '#00FF00' or a color name such as 'red'
  19. (1) F-G is fingerspelled over NDH [B], PO down, FO > DS. (2) F,G-LAW, that is, is [F], PO away, touches upper half of NDH [B], PO down, FO > DS, then moves down while changing to [G] and touches lower half.
  20. The elements in the frame which appear closest to camera.
  21. The front part in a signature, usually blurry, to signify it is "too close" for the lens, or the focus is not on it.
  22. In job scheduling, the computing environment in which high-priority processes or those requiring user interaction are executed. Contrast with: background. See also: foreground processing.
  23. Draw attention to for artistic effect, or make the central element in a scene or story. (CSFW: Sarah Smith)
  24. Appears in front of text or images in a document or on a graphical image.
  25. Set of all 1's in a binary image