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In support of or in favor of (a person or policy),
  1. In support of or in favor of (a person or policy)
    • - they voted for independence in a referendum
  2. Affecting, with regard to, or in respect of (someone or something)
    • - she is responsible for the efficient running of their department
    • - the demand for money
  3. On behalf of or to the benefit of (someone or something)
    • - these parents aren't speaking for everyone
  4. Employed by
    • - it was a good firm to work for
  5. Having (the thing mentioned) as a purpose or function
    • - she is searching for enlightenment
    • - the necessary tools for making a picture frame
  6. Having (the thing mentioned) as a reason or cause
    • - Aileen is proud of her family for their support
    • - I could dance and sing for joy
  7. Having (the place mentioned) as a destination
    • - they are leaving for Swampscott tomorrow
  8. Representing (the thing mentioned)
    • - the “F” is for Fascinating
  9. In place of or in exchange for (something)
    • - swap these two bottles for that one
  10. Charged as (a price)
    • - copies are available for only a buck
  11. In relation to the expected norm of (something)
    • - she was tall for her age
    • - warm weather for this time of year
  12. Indicating the length of (a period of time)
    • - he was in prison for 12 years
    • - I haven't seen him for some time
  13. Indicating the extent of (a distance)
    • - he crawled for 300 yards
  14. Indicating an occasion in a series
    • - the camcorder failed for the third time
  1. Because; since
    • - he felt guilty, for he knew that he bore a share of responsibility for Fanny's death

  1. An infinite loop is a sequence of instructions in a computer program which loops endlessly, either due to the loop having no terminating condition, having one that can never be met, or one that causes the loop to start over. ...
  2. Field Of Research; w:Fellowship of Reconciliation, any of a number of religious nonviolent organizations, particularly in English-speaking countries; IATA airport code for Pinto Martins International Airport in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil; frame of reference
  3. because; Towards; Directed at, intended to belong to; Supporting (opposite of against); Because of; Over a period of time; On behalf of; To obtain; In the direction of: marks a point one is going toward; Despite, in spite of; Used to introduce a small clause
  4. New Students for  Graduate Students for  Military/Veterans for  Parents
  5. NM oven ~ a micro-waches microwave oven [four]
  6. por; para; a causa de; durante; porque; como
  7. fastigial oculomotor region (=caudal fastigial nucleus)
  8. The for loop repeats a block of statements enclosed in curly braces until the condition is met. An increment counter is usually used to increment the loop counter and terminate the loop, though there are other ways of working with for loops. ...
  9. Fortran source code (file name extension)
  10. some examples of timber frame homes from one of the industry's premiere log and timber home manufacturers, go here.
  11. Cod. Forojuliensis. Portions of the Gospels.
  12. Free On Rail: Point during transportation where title, transport costs, risk, etc. transfer from seller to another party. See also FOB, FOT.
  13. Concerts, Airports, Theaters, Atlantic City, Proms, Birthdays/Anniversaries, Weddings, Corporate Events, Any Occasion.
  14. i from 3 to n do array(i)<---array(i-1)+array(i-2)
  15. var =value1 to value2 do { instructions }
  16. This column lists the monitor or monitors for which the alert status condition must be true. For global alerts this will be any monitor defined on this installation of SiteScope. Group alerts will be for any monitor in the group. Individual alerts will list the name of the specific monitor.
  17. Personal Therapy clients who agree to a testimonial or case study, I usually suggest using false names and altering some of the peripheral facts to maintain anonymity.
  18. Beauty • Christological • Consciousness • Cosmological • Degree • Desire • Experience · Love • Miracles • Morality • Ontological · Pascal's Wager · Proper basis • Reason • Teleological ( Natural law) · Transcendental • Witness
  19. Sale By Owner (FSBO): Some owners choose to sell their own property without the aid of a real estate broker.
  20. staining in the sense of "wood staining," see Wood staining .
  21. A CICS address space whose primary purpose is to manage CICS files and data tables, especially shared data tables.
  22. sports betting enthusiasts trying their hands at craps, understanding the gambling jargon associated with this great game, can be the difference between success and failure. As more and more online casino players, travel to Las Vegas, the jargon continues to expand. ...
  23. fireproofing and fire retardant materials we use G.I stud framing, steel checkered flooring, fire resistant cement boards, non combustible gypsum boards, M.S angle joints and profile roofing. ...
  24. restricts the call to a certain event
  25. BeautyTemplate:• ChristologicalTemplate:• ConsciousnessTemplate:• CosmologicalTemplate:• DegreeTemplate:• DesireTemplate:• ExperienceTemplate:· LoveTemplate:• MiraclesTemplate:• MoralityTemplate:• OntologicalTemplate:· Pascal's WagerTemplate:· Proper basisTemplate:• ReasonTemplate:• Teleological ...