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folders, plural;
  1. A folding cover or holder, typically made of stiff paper or cardboard, for storing loose papers

  2. An icon on a computer screen that can be used to access a directory containing related files or documents

  3. A folded leaflet or a booklet made of folded sheets of paper

  1. booklet: a small book usually having a paper cover
  2. covering that is folded over to protect the contents
  3. Folder, directory, catalog, or drawer, in computing, is a virtual container within a digital file system, in which groups of computer files and other folders can be kept and organized.
  4. Folders allow you to organize pages in your leftnav. Every leftnav section can contain subfolders. And every folder can contain subfolders. Create nested folders by separating folder names with ->. For example: Folder a -> Folder b.
  5. (Folders) A folder is a project room that contains other items, such as application files and notes.
  6. (Folders) Interlocking or peel & stick pockets, to hold CDs, folder inserts.
  7. (Folders) are known for their durability, stability, and longevity: The Klepper Aerius I, a single-seater, has been used successfully for white-water kayaking, due to its durability and excellent maneuverability, while many Kleppers have been in frequent use for more than 20 years.
  8. (Folders) where messages are kept (ex. Inbox, sent, draft, bulk)
  9. Machine used to fold signatures down into sections.
  10. A bindery machine dedicated to folding printed materials.
  11. an electronic subdirectory which contains files.
  12. A sub-division of a computer's hard disk into which you put files.
  13. A folder is used to hold loose papers together for organisation, protection and/or presentation. Folders usually consist of a sheet of thick paper which is folded in half. One or more pockets may be affixed inside to contain loose paper documents.
  14. A place on your computer to store files. Folders are used to organize your files and programs in a logical manner. Folders open a window which shows files. You can usually choose how your folders display the files, either as scattered icons, or as an alphabetical list.
  15. An aggregation of records allocated to a records category within the records classification scheme. A folder is constituted of metadata that may be inherited from the parent (records category) and passed on to a child (record). ...
  16. An area where you store similar material so you can find it later. You should create these in Windows to store and organise the messages you receive, the Web site information you capture and the software you download from the Net.
  17. a container within Cascade that acts a parent asset to other assets.
  18. File repository within a directory structure.
  19. In many online discussion tools, a folder is the default term for a conference or collection of topics.
  20. Folders can be created on any workspace through the Pages and Files manager to better organize a workspace.  To create a folder, simply click on "Pages & Files" and then click the "New" button, and click on "Create Folder".
  21. A machine that folds the paper after it has been printed, according to the finished size of the publication
  22. Synonym for directory (metaphorically, a place to put files), used in Macintosh, NeXT, Windows 95, and some other Graphic User Interfaces. See GUI.
  23. An electronic “container” which that allows you to store files, making it easier to organize the information on a computer.
  24. An organizational aid on a Macintosh hard disk. Like manila folders in the office, Mac folders allow a user to group related files together. It is possible to create folders within folders to create an efficient storage system. ...
  25. A container for grouping files together on a hard disk and other storage devices.