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floods, plural;
  1. Cover or submerge (a place or area) with water
    • - the dam burst, flooding a small town
    • - watching her father flood their backyard skating rink
    • - a serious risk of flooding
  2. Become covered or submerged in this way
    • - part of the vessel flooded
    • - Sarah's eyes flooded with tears
  3. Drive someone out of their home or business with a flood
    • - most of the families who have been flooded out will receive compensation
  4. (of a river or sea) Become swollen and overflow (its banks)
    • - the river flooded its banks
    • - the river will flood if it gets much worse
  5. Overfill the carburetor of (an engine) with fuel, causing the engine to fail to start

  6. Arrive in overwhelming amounts or quantities
    • - congratulatory messages flooded in
    • - his old fears came flooding back
  7. Overwhelm or swamp with large amounts or quantities
    • - our switchboard was flooded with calls
  8. Fill or suffuse completely
    • - she flooded the room with light
  1. An overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal confines, esp. over what is normally dry land
    • - in a thousand miles the flood destroyed every bridge
    • - people uprooted by drought or flood
    • - a flood barrier
  2. The biblical flood brought by God upon the earth because of the wickedness of the human race (Gen. 6 ff.)

  3. The inflow of the tide

  4. A river, stream, or sea

  5. An outpouring of tears or emotion
    • - Rose burst into such a flood of tears and sobs as I had never seen
  6. A very large quantity of people or things that appear or need to be dealt with
    • - a constant flood of callers

  1. the rising of a body of water and its overflowing onto normally dry land; "plains fertilized by annual inundations"
  2. deluge: fill quickly beyond capacity; as with a liquid; "the basement was inundated after the storm"; "The images flooded his mind"
  3. an overwhelming number or amount; "a flood of requests"; "a torrent of abuse"
  4. cover with liquid, usually water; "The swollen river flooded the village"; "The broken vein had flooded blood in her eyes"
  5. light that is a source of artificial illumination having a broad beam; used in photography
  6. supply with an excess of; "flood the market with tennis shoes"; "Glut the country with cheap imports from the Orient"
  7. A flood is an overflow of an expanse of water that submerges land. The EU Floods directive defines a flood as a temporary covering by water of land not normally covered by water. In the sense of "flowing water", the word may also be applied to the inflow of the tide. ...
  8. Flood is the work of hard science fiction by English author Stephen Baxter. It describes a near future world where deep submarine seismic activity leads to seabed fragmentation, and the opening of deep subterranean reservoirs of water. ...
  9. Noah (or Noe, Noach; ; Arabic: نوح ''; Greek: Νωέ'') was, according to the Hebrew Bible, the tenth and last of the antediluvian Patriarchs. ...
  10. Flood is the third album by Japanese band Boris. Like the previous albums, it stays lengthy and massively slow, but in addition to sludge influences such as the Melvins and Sleep, there are undertones of psychedelic rock. ...
  11. Flood is a disaster film directed by Tony Mitchell. It features Robert Carlyle, Jessalyn Gilsig, David Suchet and Tom Courtenay, and is based on the 2002 novel of the same name by Richard Doyle.
  12. The Flood are fictional parasitic alien life forms in Bungie's Halo video game series. They are introduced in '' as a second enemy faction alongside the Covenant, and return in Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo Wars to fill the same role. ...
  13. A (usually disastrous) overflow of water from a lake or other body of water due to excessive rainfall or other input of water; A large number or quantity of anything appearing more rapidly than can easily be dealt with; A floodlight; To overflow; To cover or partly fill as if by a flood; To ...
  14. (Flooded) Describes a type of lead-acid battery filled with liquid electrolyte and vented to the atmosphere.
  15. (Flooded) Highway closed - under water.
  16. (Flooded) When too much fuel enters the cylinder and drowns out the spark plug, causing the bike not to start.
  17. (Flooded) a condition in which the soil surface is temporarily covered with flowing water from any source, such as streams overflowing their banks, runoff from adjacent or surrounding slopes, inflow from high tides, or any combination of sources
  18. (Flooded) water covers part of the rock frame under the opening.
  19. (flooded) A page rendered unreadable because of a poorly chosen background image. "I had to bail out of that page because the background was flooded with some butt-ugly tartan." See also wrackground image.
  20. (Flooding) Something that can occur when too much juice is applied to the atomizer. Since atomizers require some air to properly vaporize Liquid, adding too much Juice to an atomizer will cause a decrease in Vapor Production and flavor.
  21. (Flooding) An attack that attempts to cause a failure in (especially, in the security of) a computer system or other data processing entity by providing more input than the entity can process properly.
  22. (Flooding) according to New Hampshire realtors and hydrologists, this event only happens every 100 years.  Don’t worry, be happy, buy near low lying water.
  23. (Flooding) One of the methods of enhanced oil recovery. The general method involves pumping (injecting) a fluid (commonly water) into the reservoir, through wells located around the perimeter of an oil field. ...
  24. (Flooding) A type of exposure therapy in which the client is exposed to a feared stimulus suddenly rather than gradually.
  25. (FLOODING) Purposefully stuttering on each word uttered. (Reduces laryngeal and oral tension; diminishes fear of stuttering -desensitizes)