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flickers, 3rd person singular present; flickered, past tense; flickering, present participle; flickered, past participle;
  1. (of light or a source of light) Shine unsteadily; vary rapidly in brightness
    • - the interior lights flickered and came on
  2. (of a flame) Burn fitfully, alternately flaring up and dying down
    • - the candle flickered again
    • - the flickering flames of the fire
  3. (of a feeling or emotion) Be experienced or show itself briefly and faintly, esp. in someone's eyes
    • - amusement flickered briefly in his eyes
  4. Make small, quick movements; flutter rapidly
    • - her eyelids flickered
    • - the injured killer's eyes flickered open
  5. (of someone's eyes) Move quickly in a particular direction in order to look at something
    • - her alert hazel eyes flickered around the room
  6. (of a facial expression) Appear briefly
    • - a look of horror flickered across his face
  1. An American woodpecker that often feeds on ants on the ground

  1. move back and forth very rapidly; "the candle flickered"
  2. a momentary flash of light
  3. North American woodpecker
  4. flash intermittently; "The lights flicked on and off"
  5. waver: the act of moving back and forth
  6. (flickering) shining unsteadily
  7. Flicker is the second album by electro-industrial project Ayria, released in 2005. A deluxe edition featured a bonus disc and an extra cardboard box to store the album in.
  8. FLicKeR is a Canadian documentary film written and directed by Nik Sheehan, produced by Maureen Judge and Silva Basmajian (NFB). The film is based on the book "Chapel of Extreme Experience " by John Geiger about the work of artist Brion Gysin and his Dreamachine.
  9. Manic Street Preachers are an alternative rock band from Blackwood, Wales, formed in 1986. They are James Dean Bradfield (vocals, guitars), Nicky Wire (bass, occasional vocals) and Sean Moore (drums, backing vocals, occasional trumpet). ...
  10. Flicker is a novel by Theodore Roszak published in 1991.
  11. Flicker is a visible fading between cycles displayed on video displays, especially the refresh interval on cathode ray tube (CRT) based computer screens. ...
  12. The Flicker is an experimental film created in 1965 by Tony Conrad. The film consists of only 5 different frames, a warning frame, two title frames, a black frame, and a white frame. It is currently being re-made digitally into a compact computer program by Tony Conrad's son. ...
  13. A certain type of small woodpecker, especially of the genus Colaptes; To burn or shine unsteadily. To burn or shine with a wavering light; To keep going on and off; to appear and disappear for short moments; to flutter
  14. (FLICKERING) Grinning or laughing in a man’s face.
  15. (FLICKERING) [Mertsatel'nosti] – refers to a strategy established in recent years, according to which the artist keeps away [otstoianie] from texts, gestures, and behaviors, which presupposes a temporary “entangling in” [vlipanie] language, gestures and behaviors but only for such an amount of ...
  16. (Flickering) Aperiodic behavior in an oscillating system; rapid, large-amplitude variations in light. [H76]
  17. The periodic variation in light level caused by AC operation that can lead to strobe effects.
  18. The alternation of light and dark which can be visually perceived.
  19. An alternating change of light intensity, typically perceived at a rate of a few Hertz to 60 Hz when viewing static images such as text. Flicker can occur when the electron gun paints the screen too slowly, giving the phosphors on the screen time to fade before being refreshed. ...
  20. Impression of fluctuating brightness or color.
  21. An annoying picture distortion, mainly related to vertical syncs and video fields display. Some flicker normally exists due to interlacing; more apparent in 50 Hz systems (PAL). Flicker shows also when static images are displayed on screen such as computer-generated text transferred to video. ...
  22. Condition of the display caused by the mismatch of vertical and horizontal refresh rates, when a phosphor's illumination begins to decay prior to being refreshed. The resulting "flicker" is particularly detectable with peripheral vision. ...
  23. The shaky or shivering effect (usually unwanted) on a video still or freeze frame caused when both fields of a video picture frame are not identically matched with fields from adjacent frames. As the video equipment attempts to display the still or freeze frame, the adjacent pictures alternate.
  24. An unsteady jerking caused by poor picture projection, or resulting from unsteady registration in the camera during exposure.
  25. vacilación; parpadeo; picamaderos norteamericano; aleteo; revolotear; sacudir; brillar con luz mortecina; vacilar