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flexibilities, plural;
  1. The quality of bending easily without breaking
    • - players gained improved flexibility in their ankles
  2. The ability to be easily modified
    • - I enjoyed the flexibility of the schedule
  3. Willingness to change or compromise
    • - the government has shown flexibility in applying its policy

  1. the property of being flexible; easily bent or shaped
  2. the quality of being adaptable or variable; "he enjoyed the flexibility of his working arrangement"
  3. tractability: the trait of being easily persuaded
  4. (flexible) capable of being changed; "flexible schedules"
  5. (flexible) able to flex; able to bend easily; "slim flexible birches"
  6. (flexible) elastic: able to adjust readily to different conditions; "an adaptable person"; "a flexible personality"; "an elastic clause in a contract"
  7. Flexibility refers to the absolute range of movement in a joint or series of joints, and length in muscles that cross the joints. Flexibility is variable between individuals, particularly in terms of differences in muscle length of multi-joint muscles. ...
  8. Flexibility is used as an attribute of various types of systems. In the field of engineering systems design, it refers to designs that can adapt when external changes occur. Flexibility has been defined differently in many fields of engineering, architecture, biology, economics, etc. ...
  9. Flexibility is a personality trait -- the extent to which a person can cope with changes in circumstances and think about problems and tasks in novel, creative ways.
  10. (flexible) Something that is flexible; Capable of being flexed or bent without breaking; able to be turned, bowed, or twisted, without breaking; pliable; not stiff or brittle; Willing or ready to yield to the influence of others; not invincibly rigid or obstinate; tractable; manageable; ductile ...
  11. (Flexible) The Berkey is so convenient and easy to use, you can take it with you anywhere: a vacation, hunting & camping trips, college dorms, and use it in your RV or boat.
  12. (3. Flexible) includes such items as...
  13. (FLEXIBLE) The cloth is the weakest point in the survival of a well-made picture; but advantages of weight, transportability, and the fact that defective paintings on canvas can be repaired or conserved more satisfactorily than those on other supports, have caused linen to retain its position as ...
  14. (Flexible) A mortgage with special additional features e.g. paying more or less than was initially agreed, making lump sum payments (overpayments), temporarily stopping payments (payment holiday). Each lender will have their own definition so make sure it meets your needs.
  15. (Flexible) All types of theatre space which can be altered or converted from one category to another. Black Box theatre spaces are a specific kind of flexible space.
  16. (Flexible) Arrangement between employee and supervisor that allows variations or changes in begin and end work times.
  17. (Flexible) Describes something that is bendy or rubbery.
  18. (Flexible) Each category has two sets of cards, a large set and a small set. This allows teachers to present and practice new vocabulary and grammar as a class, but then students may practice in pairs and groups.
  19. (Flexible) Expenses that occur by choice and are subject to change (for example, hobbies and entertainment).
  20. (Flexible) Keel: The keel section of a prosthetic foot that deflects under load without significant energy return, but stable on uneven ground situations.
  21. (Flexible) Referring to devices, which are bendable in nature and occasionally, reinforced with stays of metal or other semi-rigid materials.
  22. (Flexible) Refers to greater pliability of a urethral catheter or of a skin barrier found on the external female and male urinary pouches.
  23. (Flexible) That quality of a cable or cable component which allows for bending under the influence of outside force, as opposed to limpness, which is bending that occurs due to the cable's own weight.
  24. (Flexible) Use staff more efficiently and monitor your business more effectively, no matter how many branches you have, and reduce your overheads by rationalising working practices across branches.
  25. (Flexible) Used by VMs most often.  Its type is vlance on boot and vmxnet once VMware Tools are installed.