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flaws, plural;
  1. (of an imperfection) Mar, weaken, or invalidate (something)
    • - the computer game was flawed by poor programming
  1. A squall of wind; a short storm

  1. add a flaw or blemish to; make imperfect or defective
  2. defect: an imperfection in an object or machine; "a flaw caused the crystal to shatter"; "if there are any defects you should send it back to the manufacturer"
  3. defect or weakness in a person's character; "he had his flaws, but he was great nonetheless"
  4. an imperfection in a plan or theory or legal document that causes it to fail or that reduces its effectiveness
  5. (flawed) blemished: having a blemish or flaw; "a flawed diamond"; "an irregular pair of jeans"
  6. Flaw is an alternative metal band from Louisville, Kentucky. The band was formed by ex-guitarist Jason Daunt in 1995.
  7. A wine fault or defect is an unpleasant characteristic of a wine often resulting from poor winemaking practices or storage conditions, and leading to wine spoilage. ...
  8. The Flaw is a 1955 British crime film directed by Terence Fisher. It stars John Bentley and Donald Houston.
  9. (Flawed (song)) "Flawed" is a song written by Billymann, Delta Goodrem and Christopher Rojas, performed by Delta Goodrem. The song was the first song that Goodrem released in Japan and is taken from her Japanese version of the album Innocent Eyes. ...
  10. Flaws is the second studio album by British alternative rock band Bombay Bicycle Club, released on 12 July 2010 by Island Records. ...
  11. (The Flaws) The Flaws are an Irish Choice Music Prize-nominated, Meteor Award nominated indie-rock quartet, hailing from Carrickmacross in County Monaghan and Dundalk in County Louth. ...
  12. (Flawed) containing a blemish or defect, examples include cracks or chips. Note - Replacements does not sell cracked or chipped pieces.
  13. (flawed) (King Lear - 5.3.226)
  14. (FLAWS) surface imperfections that occur infrequently (i.e. not in a pattern), as with an isolated scratch or crack in the metal of a gland.
  15. (Flaws) "Running away from home."
  16. (Flaws) Light shelfwear, small splits in cover along spine hinge, light rubbing along corners, name inscription
  17. (Flaws) Many of our products are hand made and/or have hand made details on them. From time to time there may appear to be minor defects or faults. Where possible, these will be looked for and pointed out prior to shipping.
  18. A defect in a plate that reproduces as an identifiable variety in the stamp design.
  19. General term used to refer to internal or external characteristics of a gemstone (i.e., inclusion, fracture, etc)
  20. A type of discontinuity that must be investigated to see if it is rejectable. For example, porosity in a weld or metal loss.
  21. Mark or impurity which devalues the stone.
  22. An imperfection of a stone.
  23. Any external or internal imperfection in a diamond.
  24. Software vulnerability usually due to bad programming. It may cause an intrusion and confidential data theft or come to loss of control of the vulnerable machine
  25. This refers to an imperfection (such as a knot, feather or carbon spot, among others) found somewhere within or on a diamond. Return to Top  »