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flattened, past tense; flattens, 3rd person singular present; flattened, past participle; flattening, present participle;
  1. Make or become flat or flatter
    • - spoon the mixture into the pan, flatten into cakes, and fry until brown
    • - the ground flattened out and became marshy
    • - they were dancing on the flattened grass
  2. Press (oneself or one's body) against a surface, typically to get away from something or to let someone pass
    • - they flattened themselves on the pavement as a bomb came whistling down
  3. Lower (a note) in pitch by a half step

  4. Raze (a building or settlement) to the ground
    • - the hurricane flattened thousands of homes
  5. Knock someone down with power and vigor
    • - once I'm in the ring, I know I can flatten him
  6. Defeat (someone) completely, esp. in a sports contest

  1. make flat or flatter; "flatten a road"; "flatten your stomach with these exercises"
  2. lower the pitch of (musical notes)
  3. (flattened) planate: having been flattened
  4. The flattening, ellipticity, or oblateness of an oblate spheroid is a measure of the "squashing" of the spheroid's pole, towards its equator. If is the distance from the spheroid center to the equator and the distance from the center to the pole then
  5. To make something flat or flatter; To press one's body tightly against a surface, such as a wall or floor, especially in order to avoid being seen or harmed; To knock down or lay low; To become flat or flatter; To be knocked down or laid low
  6. (flattened) Collapsed to a one-dimensional array. See `ndarray.flatten`_ for details.
  7. (Flattening) Carpets with pile flatten due to heavy traffic. Cleaning and vacuuming can restore the height of the pile.
  8. A flattening is a mathematical expression of the relative lengths of the major and minor axes of an ellipsoid.
  9. (FLATTENING) A preliminary operation performed on a slug cut from wrought material to position the metal for final forging, or performed on the finished forging to remove the effects of warping.
  10. (FLATTENING) A restoration procedure involving controlled humidification and controlled drying under pressure.
  11. (Flattening) (Organizational): Referring to the process of flattening the organizational hierarchy through the intentional and calculated reduction or streamlining of processes by eliminating waste and redundant functions, often while decentralizing decision-making. ...
  12. (Flattening) A Photoshop process in which all visible layers are merged into the background layer, greatly reducing file size. Flattening an image discards all hidden layers and fills the remaining transparent areas with white.
  13. (Flattening) A parameter that specifies the degree by which a planet's figure differs from that of a sphere; the ratio f = (a - b) / a, where a is the equatorial radius and b is the polar radius. [S92]
  14. (Flattening) A relational table which is associated with a nested table consists of two tables, the main relational table and the nested table. To query, update, insert, or to delete records from the nested table, it must be queried as if it were a single table. ...
  15. (Flattening) Causing painting to have a dead or dull finish instead of a glossy one by using turpentine instead of oil in the last coat.
  16. (Flattening) Most carpet styles and textures can show some effect from pile flattening or a change in pile lay due to frequent walking or other forms of traffic. ...
  17. (Flattening) The forging operation of flattening the forging stock prior to further working.
  18. (Flattening) The inspiratory flow curve begins to flatten indicating airway instability.
  19. (Flattening) The process during which, after a period of use, the pile fibre becomes flattened. Usually caused in two ways - static pressure caused by heavy furniture over a long period of time or in heavy traffic areas. ...
  20. (Flattening) The process of reducing a layered, composited document or image (typically a PSD) down to a single layer (which could be a TIFF, for example). This gets rid of any transparency in the image. Flattening should be left as late as possible in any workflow.
  21. (Flattening) The process of restoring rolled or folded documents to their original flat condition by the application of pressure. This process is usually preceded by Humidification.
  22. (Flattening) The process of returning a deflected panel to its original flat plane. May require heat and pressure sufficient to change but not break or damage the glass.
  23. (Flattening) when referring to “flattening your bills of materials”, flattening implies you are removing levels from your bill-of-materials structure. ...
  24. (flattening) The process of copying all of the original data referred to by reference in QuickTime tracks into a QuickTime movie file. This can also be called resolving references. ...
  25. (flattening) The reduction in the diameter of the tube as the lengthening outside radius pulls inwards while being stretched between the clamp die and pressure die.  Reduction is mitigated by reducing drag at the point of bend.