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fixtures, plural;
  1. A piece of equipment or furniture that is fixed in position in a building or vehicle
    • - a light fixture
  2. Articles attached to a house or land and considered legally part of it so that they normally remain in place when an owner moves
    • - the hotel retains many original fixtures and fittings
  3. A person or thing that is established in a particular place or situation
    • - palm readers were a fixture in most '40s nightclubs
  4. A sports event that takes place on a particular date

  1. an object firmly fixed in place (especially in a household)
  2. regular: a regular patron; "an habitue of the racetrack"; "a bum who is a Central Park fixture"
  3. fastness: the quality of being fixed in place as by some firm attachment
  4. repair: the act of putting something in working order again
  5. A fixture is a legal concept that includes any physical property that is permanently attached or fixed to real property. If the property is not affixed to real property it is considered chattel property. ...
  6. A fixture is a workholding or support device used in the manufacturing industry. What makes a fixture unique is that each one is built to fit a particular part or shape. ...
  7. Something that is fixed in place, especially a permanent appliance or other item of personal property that is considered part of a house and is sold with it; A regular patron of a place or institution; A lighting unit; a luminaire; A scheduled match; A state that can be recreated, used as a ...
  8. (Fixtures) also known as light fixture, light fitting, or luminaire. They are used to produce artificial lighting along with an electric lamp. ...
  9. (Fixtures) Chattels that have been attached to the land or building so as to lose their character as chattels.
  10. (FIXTURES) Permanent improvements to property that may not be removed at the expiration of the term of lease or tenure.
  11. (Fixtures) Fixed items that cannot be removed without damaging either the property or the fixture itself, eg: cupboards.
  12. (Fixtures) Items affixed to buildings or land usually in such a way that they cannot be moved without damage to themselves or the property, such as plumbing, electrical fixtures, trees, etc.
  13. Fixtures are items that have been attached and have become part of the property, such as built-in closets, carpeting and light fixtures. Also see “Chattels”.
  14. (Fixtures) Items that would cause damage to the property if removed. Their removal must be stipulated in the contract of sale, and damage made good by the seller eg. Oven and bath etc.
  15. (FIXTURES) Attachments to buildings, which are not intended to be removed, and which cannot be removed without damage to the buildings. ...
  16. (FIXTURES) Property attached to real estate, e.g., property that would be damaged or destroyed if it was removed from real estate or the real estate would be damaged. Often, but not always this includes attached lighting, shelving, window treatments, and some appliances. ...
  17. (Fixtures) A device that supplies or disposes of water. Some examples of plumbing fixtures are kitchen faucets, bath drains, and toilets.
  18. (Fixtures) Are articles in themselves moveable but so attached or connected to heritable property as to become part of it.
  19. (Fixtures) Articles such as radiators, boilers and baths, attached to the house itself and deemed to be part of it.
  20. (Fixtures) Color changing, programmable fixtures capable of infinite color combinations ideal for uplighting drapery, scenic flats and other design elements due to their low power draw
  21. (Fixtures) First a note, that Rails uses three databases. A development, test, and of course, a production database. Each means exactly what it says. Fixtures are files used to provide data for your test cases. ...
  22. (Fixtures) General term referring to the push buttons, panels, and indicators used in the elevator car and hall.
  23. (Fixtures) Generally, something tangible that is fixed or attached, as to a building, so that it becomes an appendage or structural part.
  24. (Fixtures) Is an item that is fixed or part of the property, for example, carpets, down lights and built in robes.If there is any confusion between the buyer and the seller about what stays and what goes these can be identified as a special condition in the offer and acceptance document.
  25. (Fixtures) Items of furniture or equipment which are fixed in place with screws or other fixing devices.