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fixates, 3rd person singular present; fixated, past participle; fixated, past tense; fixating, present participle;
  1. Cause (someone) to acquire an obsessive attachment to someone or something
    • - she has for some time been fixated on photography
  2. Acquire such an obsessive attachment to
    • - it is important not to fixate on animosity
  3. (in Freudian theory) Arrest (a person or their libidinal energy) at an immature stage, causing an obsessive attachment

  4. Direct one's eyes toward
    • - subjects fixated a central point
    • - there is tendency to fixate near the beginning of the line of print

  1. attach (oneself) to a person or thing in a neurotic way; "He fixates on his mother, even at the age of 40"
  2. pay attention to exclusively and obsessively; "The media are fixating on Princess Diana's death"
  3. make fixed, stable or stationary; "let's fix the picture to the frame"
  4. become fixed (on); "Her eyes fixated on a point on the horizon"
  5. (fixation) arrested development: an abnormal state in which development has stopped prematurely
  6. (fixation) obsession: an unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone
  7. (Fixation (alchemy)) Fixation in alchemy refers to a process by which a previously volatile substance is "transformed" into a form (often solid) that is not affected by fire. It separates the substance or object and puts it back in the same or different shape at a subatomic level.
  8. (Fixation (histology)) In the fields of histology, pathology, and cell biology, fixation is a chemical process by which biological tissues are preserved from decay, either through autolysis or putrefaction. ...
  9. (Fixation (population genetics)) In population genetics, fixation is the change in a gene pool from a situation where there exist at least two variants of a particular gene (allele) to a situation where only one of the alleles remains. ...
  10. (Fixation (psychology)) Fixation is the state in which an individual becomes obsessed with an attachment to another person, being or object (in human psychology).
  11. (Fixation (visual)) Fixation or visual fixation is the maintaining of the visual gaze on a single location. ...
  12. To make something fixed and stable; to fix; To stare fixedly at something; To attend to something to the exclusion of all others; To attach oneself to a person or thing in a pathological or neurotic manner
  13. (fixation) The act of fixing, or the state of being fixed or fixated; The act of uniting chemically with a solid substance or in a solid form; reduction to a non-volatile condition; -- said of gaseous elements; The act or process of ceasing to be fluid and becoming firm; In metals, a state of ...
  14. (fixation) ability of the eye to focus on one point.
  15. (Fixation) The immobilization of the parts of a fractured bone.
  16. (Fixation) The point at which the frequency of a particular allele becomes 1.
  17. (Fixation) Being held in a fixed position. Area of the spine of a joint with limited movement.
  18. (fixation) Loss of all but one kind of allele at a gene locus for all individuals in a population.
  19. (fixation) Attachment or preoccupation with a particular stage of psychosexual development.
  20. (Fixation) chemical bath which converts unused halides to a soluble silver complex in both negatives and prints, making the image stable in white light.
  21. (fixation) The act of holding the bar overhead with the arms straight and fully extended.
  22. (Fixation) The chemical process in which the preservative metals in water-borne solution react with and bond to wood fiber molecules.
  23. (Fixation) the ability to direct and maintain steady visual attention on a target. Fixations are a form of pursuits.
  24. (FIXATION) Loss of the normal range - of - movement of a bone due to muscle spasm, constriction of the ligaments or capsule around a joint, or bony changes, such as in the case of arthritis. ...
  25. (FIXATION) a general term for determination of name bearing type (qv), whether by designation (qv), or by any other means.