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fittings, plural;
  1. Suitable or appropriate under the circumstances; right or proper
    • - a fitting reward
    • - it was fitting that he should reply
  2. Fitted around or to something or someone in a specified way
    • - loose-fitting trousers
  1. A small part on or attached to a piece of furniture or equipment
    • - the wooden fittings were made of walnut
  2. Items, such as a stove or shelves, that are fixed in a building but can be removed when the owner moves
    • - little remains of the house's Victorian fittings
  3. The action of fitting something, in particular

  4. The installing, assembling, and adjusting of machine parts
    • - the fitting of new engines by the shipyard
  5. An occasion when one tries on a garment that is being made or altered
    • - she's coming tomorrow for a fitting

  1. adjustment: making or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances
  2. in harmony with the spirit of particular persons or occasion; "We have come to dedicate a portion of that field...It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this"
  3. a small and often standardized accessory to a larger system
  4. being precisely fitting and right; "it is only meet that she should be seated first"
  5. appointment: (usually plural) furnishings and equipment (especially for a ship or hotel)
  6. putting clothes on to see whether they fit
  7. The AN thread is a particular type of fitting used to connect flexible hoses and rigid metal tubing that carry fluid. It is a US military-derived specification stemming from a joint standard agreed upon by the Army and Navy, hence AN. ...
  8. FITS or Flexible Image Transport System is a digital file format used to store, transmit, and manipulate scientific and other images. FITS is the most commonly used digital file format in astronomy. ...
  9. (Fits (album)) Fits is White Denim's second LP on European label Full Time Hobby Records, following up the critically acclaimed releases of 2008's EU debut Workout Holiday and US debut Exposion. ...
  10. (FITS (board game)) FITS (Fill In The Spaces) is a board game designed by Reiner Knizia that was nominated for the Spiel des Jahres for best game of the year in 2009.
  11. (The Fits) The Fits were a punk rock band from Blackpool, Lancashire, England, who were active between 1979 and 1985, having several hits on the UK Indie Chart.
  12. A small detachable part of a device or machine; The act of trying on clothes to inspect or adjust the fit; The process of applying craft methods such as skilled filing to the making and assembling of machines or other products; Domestic furnishings or fixtures; appropriate, or in keeping
  13. (fit) The degree to which something fits something else; how well a particular commercial execution captures the character or values of a brand; A section of a poem or ballad, from the sense of fitted to length; Of an object, to be of the right size and shape so as to match another object; ...
  14. (fitted) Simple past of fit. (to tailor, change size)
  15. (Fittings) Items not intended to be removed from a property when it’s sold, for example fixed carpets, lights, curtains and stoves.
  16. (Fittings) The stair parts used to form a smooth transition when the hand-rail changes height or direction.
  17. (Fittings) moveable articles temporarily attached to or connected with the property. Property management companies will organise repair and replacement of fittings for the landlord.
  18. Fittings will be charged at half the Talent's normal hourly rate for a maximum of 2 separate fittings. 3rd and subsequent fittings will be charged at the Talent's full normal hourly rate.
  19. (Fittings) Any parts other than ends necessary to complete the closure of a can, i.e., rings, plugs, screw necks, or caps and spouts.
  20. (fittings) items that can be removed from a property without causing damage to it.
  21. (FITTINGS) Pieces of wood that are shaped with the same profile as handrail to form changes of direction for the handrail. Used in “over-the-post” installations. Examples of fittings are volutes, turn outs, tandem caps, easing, and goosenecks.
  22. (Fittings) Chattels which do not form part of the land, and so must be separately conveyed.
  23. (Fittings) Devices that may be attached to pipes to make connections or outlets.
  24. (Fittings) Items used to change size, direction of flow, level or assembly of piping, except for unions, grooved couplings, flanges, valves or strainers.
  25. (Fittings) Refers to the connectors that join tubing, columns and various LC modules together.