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Having limits or bounds,
  1. Having limits or bounds
    • - every computer has a finite amount of memory
  2. Not infinitely small
    • - one's chance of winning may be small, but it is finite
  3. (of a verb form) Having a specific tense, number, and person

  1. bounded or limited in magnitude or spatial or temporal extent
  2. of verbs; relating to forms of the verb that are limited in time by a tense and (usually) show agreement with number and person
  3. (finitely) with a finite limit; "there are finitely many solutions to this problem"
  4. (finiteness) the quality of being finite
  5. (Finites) A finite verb is a verb that is inflected for person and for tense according to the rules and categories of the languages in which it occurs. Finite verbs can form independent clauses, which can stand by their own as complete sentences.
  6. Limited, constrained by bounds, impermanent
  7. (Finiteness) "An algorithm must always terminate after a finite number of steps."
  8. CS is a finite set of formulas. This is a fully representative case, since any specific derivation in Justification Logic will involve only a finite set of constants.
  9. lit. limited. In geography, usually applied to resources which are non-renewable i.e. they are likely to be exhausted in the future.
  10. adj. (of a type) having a finite number of elements. ``The type specifier (integer 0 5) denotes a finite type, but the type specifiers integer and (integer 0) do not.''
  11. adj.  having bounds; limited; not infinite
  12. Something that has limits and is measurable. For example: The amount in her bank account was finite. The opposite of infinite.
  13. existing or enduring for a limited time only.
  14. verbs attach the name of the action to a subject of some person and number, as actually or with some kind of potentiality performing the action or experiencing its performance, in some time-frame, with some duration: all the limits that define the performance of the action are established. ...
  16. Not unlimited; once the last unit of the item is utilized, that item will cease to be available in the future.
  17. Limit, constriction of thought, body, environment, in which the evolution of the ransom of mankind takes place. In geographical terms, the finite remains within the sun's orbit.
  18. Having a beginning and an end. Money is finite; it has limits.
  19. Not infinite. Finite has an end.
  20. countable. Having a definite ending.
  21. personal; finito; limitado
  22. Pronunciation [fahy-nahyt]
  23. There are only a FINITEnumber of possible answers to a multiple-choice question.