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fieldworks, plural;
  1. Practical work conducted by a researcher in the natural environment, rather than in a laboratory or office

  2. A temporary fortification

  1. a temporary fortification built by troops in the field
  2. Field work is a general descriptive term for the collection of raw data. The term is mainly used in the natural and social sciences studies, such as in anthropology, folkloristics, archaeology, biology, ecology, environmental science, ethnomusicology, geography, geology, geophysics, linguistics, ...
  3. Fieldwork is a 2007 novel by American journalist Mischa Berlinski. It was published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux and was a finalist that year for the National Book Award, eventually losing out to Tree of Smoke.
  4. (Field-works) The target and informed respondents in the target provinces will be the Senior Provincial Program Advisor (SPPA) of the NCDD and/or advisors nominated by her/ him, ExCom, NGOs/CBOs, Donors, the persons responsible within the Land Management, Forestry Administration and Fisheries ...
  5. (Fieldworks) earthworks constructed by armies while actively campaigning, whether on the battlefield or in camp. Often hasty or rapid entrenchments.
  6. A general term that refers to any data gathering process.
  7. living among a group of people for the purpose of learning about their culture.
  8. Fieldwork is completed in an organisation or environment outside the University. The focus is on linking what is learnt in class with what is seen, collected, and tested in the field. ...
  9. The live collection of primary data from external sources by means of surveys, observation and experiment.
  10. Testing out draft public health guidance with health and other professionals who will be putting it into practice. This is done by holding meetings with groups of professionals who haven't been involved in developing the guidance.
  11. This term refers to going into a community to find out more about traditional activities, people, and places. It often involves going to places where local communities gather-stores, social clubs, churches, etc. It also involves asking people if you can visit them in their homes. ...
  12. The anthropological method of traveling to the society one wants to study and living there for a prolonged period of time to collect data first hand.
  13. a colloquial name for work conducted by a research agency to carry out field research (distributing ... »
  14. It’s not a field trip, it’s field work! Excursions from classrooms are thrust students into real world classrooms, where they meet with experts and have experiences designed to further their learning.