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(of soil or land) Producing or capable of producing abundant vegetation or crops,
  1. (of soil or land) Producing or capable of producing abundant vegetation or crops
    • - fields along the fertile flood plains of the river
    • - Germany in the 1920s and 30s was fertile ground for such ideas
  2. (of a seed or egg) Capable of becoming a new individual

  3. (of a person, animal, or plant) Able to conceive young or produce seed
    • - Barbara carefully calculated the period when she was most fertile
  4. (of a person's mind or imagination) Producing many new and inventive ideas with ease

  5. (of a situation or subject) Fruitful and productive in generating new ideas
    • - a series of fertile debates within the social sciences
  6. (of nuclear material) Able to become fissile by the capture of neutrons

  1. capable of reproducing
  2. fecund: intellectually productive; "a prolific writer"; "a fecund imagination"
  3. prolific: bearing in abundance especially offspring; "flying foxes are extremely prolific"; "a prolific pear tree"
  4. fat: marked by great fruitfulness; "fertile farmland"; "a fat land"; "a productive vineyard"; "rich soil"
  5. (fertility) birthrate: the ratio of live births in an area to the population of that area; expressed per 1000 population per year
  6. (fertility) richness: the property of producing abundantly and sustaining vigorous and luxuriant growth; "he praised the richness of the soil"; "weeds lovely in their rankness"
  7. Fertility is the natural capability of giving life. As a measure, "fertility rate" is the number of children born per couple, person or population. ...
  8. (Fertility (soil)) Soil is the characteristics that supports life. The term, soil, is used to describe agriculture and garden life. Fertile soil has the following properties: *It is rich in nutrients necessary for basic plant nutrition, including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. ...
  9. (fertility) A classification of the signs based on their susposed productivity. Fertile signs, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces are said to be good for planting when occupied by the Moon, and are indicators of offspring when occupying the cusps of the fifth or eleventh houses. ...
  10. (fertility) The actual number of offspring produced through sexual reproduction; usually described in terms of number of offspring of females, since paternity can be difficult to determine.
  11. (Fertility) the actual reproductive performance of an individual, a couple, a group, or a population.
  12. (Fertility) Relates the number of live births to the number of women, couples, or very rarely, men.^6
  13. (fertility) The capacity to initiate, sustain, and support reproduction.  With reference to poultry, the term typically refers to the percentage of eggs that, when incubated, show some degree of embryonic development.
  14. (Fertility) is a measure of an animal s ability to conceive (female) or impregnate (male).
  15. (FERTILITY) The ability to reproduce.
  16. (Fertility (Reproduction)) Oral administration of econazole nitrate in rats has been reported to produce prolonged gestation. Intravaginal administration in humans has not shown prolonged gestation or other adverse reproductive effects attributable to econazole nitrate therapy.
  17. (Fertility) Cucumber, Myrtle, Oak, Pine, Pomegranate, Poppy, Rose, Sunflower, Walnut
  18. (Fertility) Daffodil, Ginseng, Grape,Hazel, Mandrake, Mistletoe, Mugwort, Nuts, Oak, Patchouly, Poppy, Rice, Sunflower, Wheat
  19. (Fertility) Demographic phenomena in relation with live births which can be considered from the point of view of women, the couple and occasionally men. Fertility is also one of the components of population growth.
  20. (Fertility) Percentage of all eggs set that are Fertile - capable of developing an embryo
  21. (Fertility) The actual output of births, as opposed to the potential output (fecundity).
  22. (Fertility) The number of viable offspring that a female of a species can produce during her lifetime; contrast with fecundity.
  23. (Fertility) The shaman provides assistance to the soul of an unborn child to allow its future mother to become pregnant.^[62]
  24. (Fertility) United Nations Population Division.
  25. (Fertility) is the demographic analysis of having babies.