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fashioning, present participle; fashioned, past tense; fashions, 3rd person singular present; fashioned, past participle;
  1. Make into a particular or the required form
    • - the bottles were fashioned from green glass
  2. Use materials to make into
    • - the skins were fashioned into boots and shoes

  1. planned and made or fashioned artistically; "beautifully fashioned dresses"
  2. (fashioning) devising: the act that results in something coming to be; "the devising of plans"; "the fashioning of pots and pans"; "the making of measurements"; "it was already in the making"
  3. (Fashioning) general term used to describe the entire process of manufacturing a polished diamond.
  4. (Fashioning) A general term for the operations such as cleaving, sawing, rounding up, grinding and polishing that are necessary to transform a rough diamond into a cut-and-polished gemstone.
  5. Fully faceted diamond