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Concerned with what is actually the case rather than interpretations of or reactions to it,
  1. Concerned with what is actually the case rather than interpretations of or reactions to it
    • - a mixture of comment and factual information
  2. Actually occurring
    • - cases mentioned are factual

  1. actual: existing in act or fact; "rocks and trees...the actual world"; "actual heroism"; "the actual things that produced the emotion you experienced"
  2. of or relating to or characterized by facts; "factual considerations"
  3. (factually) as a fact or based on fact; "they learn much, factually, about the problems of retirement and provision for old age, and, psychologically, in the sharing of their thoughts on retirement"
  4. (factualness) factuality: the quality of being actual or based on fact; "the realm of factuality must be distinguished from the realm of imagination"
  5. (Factuality) The word fact can refer to verified information about past or present circumstances or events which are presented as objective reality. In science, it means a provable concept. .
  6. (FACTS (Electric power transmission)) A flexible alternating current transmission system (FACTS) is a system composed of static equipment used for the AC transmission of electrical energy. It is meant to enhance controllability and increase power transfer capability of the network. ...
  7. (FACTS (newspaper)) FACTS was a weekly magazine from Switzerland, appearing in the publishing house Tamedia. Published from 1995 until 2007, it oriented itself, at first, after the German magazine Focus until it obtained its own profile.
  8. (Facts (TV series)) Facts is a TV program in Hong Kong, which broadcast short films obtained or shoot with information from audiences. It is broadcasting weekdays at 10:30 pm in Asia Television(ATV), since 4 December 2006 and the host is Chan Kai Tai.
  9. (The Facts (Seattle)) The Facts is an African American weekly newspaper that serves Seattle, Washington. Headquartered in the Central District, it was founded in 1961 by Fitzgerald Redd Beaver. His son, Dennis Beaver, is currently publisher and editor-in-chief. ...
  10. (FACTS) abbrev. Federation of Australian Commercial Television Stations.
  11. (FACTS) Fasteners, Actuators, Connectors, Tools, & Subsystems ?USAF program to provide better parts & processing
  12. (FACTS) Federal agency Centralized Trial Balance System
  13. (FACTS) Florida Academic Counseling and Tracking for Students - formerly the Statewide Student Advising System.
  14. (FACTS) Framework for Appropriate Care Throughout Sheffield
  15. (FACTS) Functional Angiometric Correlation with Thallium Scintigraphy [trial]
  16. (FACTS) WHAT DO the Western Alliance Bancorporation (WAL) Affiliate Banks (Bank of Nevada; Alliance Bank of Arizona, a division of Western Alliance Bank; Torrey Pines Bank; First Independent Bank, a division of Western Alliance Bank) DO WITH YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION?
  18. (Facts) A statement about the relationship between objects. For Prolog definition see Positive unit clauses.
  19. (Facts) Diseases/Ailments Cured
  20. (Facts) Links          References
  21. (Facts) Plaintiffs, commercial dairy farmers, contracted to buy a DEC milking machine. Equipment was delivered to local dealer at the end of July, was installed at the farm on Sept. 8, and was tested and approved for operation by the Department of Agriculture on Sept. 12. On Sept. ...
  22. (Facts) Something that can be shown to be true, to exist, or to have happened. In a legal case it is based on or concerned with the evidence presented. Matters of fact are issues for a judge or a jury to decide.
  23. (Facts) Systems & Strategies
  24. (Facts) by themselves only tell us what is; they do not tell us what ought to be. In addition to getting the facts, resolving an ethical issue also requires an appeal to values.
  25. (Facts) describe relationships among terms—how business concepts connect to one another. Facts are expressed as a verb or verb phrase that connects terms, such as "Customers place orders and make payments for them using credit. ...