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factories, plural;
  1. A building or group of buildings where goods are manufactured or assembled chiefly by machine

  2. A person, group, or institution that produces a great quantity of something on a regular basis or in a short space of time
    • - a huge factory of lying, slander, and bad English
  3. An establishment for traders carrying on business in a foreign country

  1. a plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing
  2. A factory (previously manufactory) or manufacturing plant is an industrial building where laborers manufacture goods or supervise machines processing one product into another. ...
  3. Lyoko is a fictional virtual world in the French animated television series Code Lyoko.
  4. Factory is the development tree for the openSUSE distribution. It is continually revised, with software being added, removed, and updated. In many cases, this software is made of CVS, Subversion or Git snapshots.
  5. The Vines are an Australian alternative rock band noted for producing a musical hybrid of '60s rock and '90s alternative music. Since 2006 their line-up has consisted of vocalist and lead guitarist Craig Nicholls, rhythm guitarist Ryan Griffiths, bassist Brad Heald and drummer Hamish Rosser.
  6. In object-oriented computer programming, a factory is an object for creating other objects. It is an abstraction of a constructor, and can be used to implement various allocation schemes. For example, using this definition, singletons implemented by the singleton pattern are formal factories.
  7. "Factory" is the second single released by Australian rock band The Vines. All 3 songs were re-recorded later on in the Vines career with "Factory' and 'Ain't No Room' being re-recorded for their debut album 'Highly Evolved' released in July 2002 and 'Drown the Baptists' being re-recorded during ...
  8. A trading establishment, especially set up by merchants working in a foreign country; The position or state of being a factor; A building or other place where manufacturing takes place; A device which produces or manufactures something; In a computer program or library, a function or method ...
  9. (1.1.7 Factories) means any factories that register to well their Products on the Site;
  10. (Factories) Places where things are made from natural resources and raw materials.
  11. (Factories) Reduces construction and rezone costs. They are useful in protection but are rarely seen after that. Some explorers may keep a number of these to reduce construction costs, but it's usually better and more efficient to use the land for something else.
  12. (Factories) business markets, an agent’s office to act as factor (accountant)
  13. (factories) Portuguese trading fortresses and compounds with resident merchants; utilized throughout Portuguese trading empire to assure secure landing places and commerce. (p. 667)
  14. (Java) A nonvisual bean capable of dynamically creating new instances of a specified bean.
  15. An object whose sole purpose is creation of objects of a particular component. There exists only one factory for every Component (CLSID). The IID and definition has been carefully chosen so as to be binary compatible with COM.
  16. A class, metaphorically, for its instances.
  17. Factory corresponds to design patterns described in [GHJV95] and is implemented using a class that can return an instance of one of several subclasses of an abstract base class.
  18. Commercial A trading port established in a foreign country by a chartered company. A factor was an agent or dealer who was employed to sell goods or merchandise.
  19. place where illicit drugs are prepared for sale
  20. A factory is the mechanism that binds the implementation of an OSID to the application using the OSID. An OSID consists of a set of entities needed by the OSID. For the most part, these entities are Java interfaces. ...
  21. Oxford: between factorise and factotum. 1/ Way in which something is fabricated. 2/ Medium-sized or non-mechanised establishment designed to convert raw materials or semi-finished products into manufactured products. ...
  22. A building where goods are produced or assembled.
  23. an object that controls the creation of other objects, access to other objects, or both. See also Connection Factory.
  24. power of attorney to manage affairs generally, or in particular
  25. this building will allow you to produce tanks and flak batteries. It cannot be moved (unless you're Eurasia, in which case, your factories may move like a regular unit with a range of 1, but may not use the subways). ...