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facilities, plural;
  1. Space or equipment necessary for doing something
    • - cooking facilities
    • - facilities for picnicking, camping, and hiking
  2. An amenity or resource, esp. one connected with leisure or hygiene
    • - facilities include two swimming pools
  3. A public toilet

  4. An establishment set up to fulfill a particular function or provide a particular service, typically an industrial or medical one
    • - a manufacturing facility
  5. An option or service that gives the opportunity to do or benefit from something
    • - the program includes a help facility and interactive windows
  6. An ability to do or learn something well and easily; a natural aptitude
    • - he had a facility for languages
  7. Absence of difficulty or effort
    • - the pianist played with great facility

  1. (facility) a building or place that provides a particular service or is used for a particular industry; "the assembly plant is an enormous facility"
  2. (facility) adeptness: skillful performance or ability without difficulty; "his quick adeptness was a product of good design"; "he was famous for his facility as an archer"
  3. (facility) a natural effortlessness; "they conversed with great facility"; "a happy readiness of conversation"--Jane Austen
  4. (facility) something designed and created to serve a particular function and to afford a particular convenience or service; "catering facilities"; "toilet facilities"; "educational facilities"
  5. (facility) a service that an organization or a piece of equipment offers you; "a cell phone with internet facility"
  6. (Facility (telecommunications)) In telecommunications, a facility is defined by Federal Standard 1037C as: # A fixed, mobile, or transportable structure, including (a) all installed electrical and electronic wiring, cabling, and equipment and (b) all supporting structures, such as utility, ...
  7. (facility) Ease in learning or in doing something; proficiency; An installation, contrivance, or other thing which facilitates something; a place for doing something
  8. (Facility) An existing or planned location or site at which prime movers, electric generators, and/or equipment for converting mechanical, chemical, and/or nuclear energy into electric energy are situated, or will be situated. ...
  9. (facility) a physical location where health care/services are provided, such as a hospital, clinic, emergency room or ambulatory care center.
  10. (facility) A transmission path between two or more locations without terminating or signaling equipment. [Addition of terminating equipment would produce either a channel, a central office line or a trunk. Various types of signaling would also be used depending on the application.}
  11. (Facility) The legal definition is the buildings, the grounds, the equipment, and the people involved in providing child care of any type.
  12. (Facility) General term used for any type of nursing home or intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded.
  13. (Facility) The physical location of a system.
  14. (Facility) A container of rooms – each community will have one or more facility(s).  All rooms reside in a facility; however, the facility is less obvious to the user and membership has been removed from the facility level in eRoom v7.  Enterprise databases still reside at the facility level.
  15. (Facility) a physical setting used to serve a specific purpose. A facility may be within a building, or a whole building, or a building plus its site; or it may be a construction that is not a building. The term encompasses both the physical object and its use.
  16. ("Facility") means a building, other than a private residential dwelling and its surrounding grounds, that is used to contain a primary enclosure or enclosures in which animals are housed or kept.
  17. "Facility is any publicly or privately owned building, works, system, or equipment, built or manufactured, or an improved and maintained natural feature. Land used for agricultural purposes is not a facility."
  18. (FACILITY) 3600 square feet   (manufacturing / sales)
  19. (FACILITY) A nursing home, used to denote the NH where data collection is occurring or to indicate data collected from NH sources.
  20. (FACILITY) A physical element of infrastructure; intended to provide support, shelter, or otherwise to facilitate economic or social activities and thereby accrue benefits for humanity.
  21. (FACILITY) A separate individual building, structure, utility system, or other item of real property improvement, each item of which is subject to separate reporting and recording, in accordance with DoD Instruction 4165.14 (reference (g)).
  22. (Facility (U)) A physically definable area consisting of a controlled space which contains national security information-processing equipments.
  23. (Facility) (1) one or a group of buildings, structures, or other physical entities, including related site and utility systems, used to provide housing and assistance in carrying out a broad program of operations. ...
  24. (Facility) A Port site with moorage, docks, buildings and other facilities used for the embarking and disembarking of passengers, crew and vehicles on or from an vessel.
  25. (Facility) A complex of buildings, structures, roads and associated equipment, such as a hospital, school, shopping centre, manufacturing plant or the like, which represents a single management unit for financial, operational, maintenance or other purposes.