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extroverts, plural; extraverts, plural;
  1. Of, denoting, or typical of an extrovert
    • - his extrovert personality made him the ideal host
  1. An outgoing, overtly expressive person

  2. A person predominantly concerned with external things or objective considerations

  1. being concerned with the social and physical environment
  2. (psychology) a person concerned more with practical realities than with inner thoughts and feelings
  3. (extroverted) extrospective: not introspective; examining what is outside yourself
  4. (extroverted) at ease in talking to others
  5. (extroversion) extraversion: (psychology) an extroverted disposition; concern with what is outside the self
  6. The trait of extraversion-introversion is a central dimension of human personality.
  7. One who is outgoing; sociable or concerned with outer affairs
  8. (extroverted) Possessing the characteristic property of an extrovert. Outgoing, comfortable in social interactions
  9. (extroverted) outgoing and lively: "She's extroverted and loves going out with people."
  10. (extroverted) Interested in things outside of one's self.
  11. (Extroverts) People that become energized by stimulus and seek out noisy and busy environments.  Extroverts have a high tolerance for stimulus and require a lot to keep themselves amused. ...
  12. (Extroversion) A personal preference for socially engaging activities and settings.
  13. (Extroversion) means a preference for interacting with the outer world of things and people. In fact, extroverts meet people easily and are good at greeting people.
  14. body part which can be turned inside out, like the finger of a glove.
  15. A person who directs his or her interest to things outside him- or herself, and to other people; a person who is active and expressive.
  16. an individual who is outgoing and uninhibited in interpersonal situations.