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extents, plural;
  1. The area covered by something
    • - an enclosure ten acres in extent
  2. The degree to which something has spread; the size or scale of something
    • - the extent of AIDS infection
  3. The amount to which something is or is believed to be the case
    • - everyone will have to compromise to some extent
    • - they altered the document to such an extent that it contained little in the way of new policy
  4. A large space or area
    • - considerable extents of land

  1. the point or degree to which something extends; "the extent of the damage"; "the full extent of the law"; "to a certain extent she was right"
  2. An extent is a contiguous area of storage in a computer file system, reserved for a file. When a process requires starting to write to a file, file-system management software allocates a whole extent. ...
  3. (Extents) The outer boundaries of the objects you have drawn.
  4. (Extents) The formal recitation and valuation of the various lands of a manor, and also of the services, rents, profits, etc. of the same.
  5. (Extents) The next level of logical database space is called an extent. An extent is a specific number of contiguous data blocks that are allocated for storing a specific type of information.
  6. (Extents) {url:/ajax_concepts/44777/?conceptid=255590007&callback=children&child_size=2}
  7. (extents) Objects are stored on the disk in one or more extents, which can be files in the file system, data in raw partitions, or a mixture. An extent is divided up into a number of pages and disk i/o is performed in units of a page.
  8. The number of elements along the various dimensions.
  9. A unit of file allocation, stored in the file's metadata as an offset, length pair. A single extent record can describe many contiguous blocks in a file.
  10. One or more contiguous blocks on disk. Contiguous in this context means physically adjacent on a volume.
  11. the number of pages in a book.
  12. In an archival description, this provides information about the quantity of materials being described, or the physical space they occupy.
  13. The amount and distribution of a resource, which may be measured in terms of spatial area, volume, depth, or flow (e.g., for water resources). ROE questions address the extent of fresh surface waters, ground water, wetlands, and coastal waters.
  14. manorial document listing holdings and tenants with their obligations in labour services and rent, also known as a terrier
  15. The measurement or amount of the archival materials themselves - the number of data files and the linear measurement and page count of the creator's documentation - that make up the particular copy of the materials.
  16. n. the interval of time during which a reference to an object, a binding, an exit point, a tag, a handler, a restart, or an environment is defined.
  17. A sequential set of sectors in which a file or portion of a file is recorded.
  18. a valuation of a manor, listing the value of each element from which the lord derived income: demesne lands, mills, woods, tenants' rents and services, etc.  Extents give a financial bird's eye view of a manor and are the commonest form of manorial survey in the medieval period. Example
  19. A touch in which all the possible changes are rung exactly once each.
  20. Set of logical blocks having addressing numbers that form a continuous ascending sequence.
  21. (n.) the size of one dimension of an array.
  22. In landscape ecology, the area or time period over which observations are collected for a region under study; together with grain, extent characterizes the scale at which a landscape is studied. Compare grain. [23]
  23. Number of pages in a book. This can be inclusive or exclusive of endpapers, illustrations etc.
  24. The lifetime or extent of an «object» is the time for which the object is «live».
  25. 16K consecutive bytes in a file. Extents are numbered from 0 to 31. One extent can contain 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 blocks. EX is the extent number field of an FCB and is a one-byte field at FCB + 12, where FCB labels the first byte in the FCB. ...