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explorations, plural;
  1. The action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it
    • - voyages of exploration
    • - an exploration of the African interior
  2. Thorough analysis of a subject or theme
    • - an exploration of the religious dimensions of our lives

  1. to travel for the purpose of discovery
  2. a careful systematic search
  3. a systematic consideration; "he called for a careful exploration of the consequences"
  4. Exploration is the act of searching or traveling a terrain (including space, see space exploration) for the purpose of discovery of resources or information. Exploration occurs in all non-sessile animal species, including humans. ...
  5. This is a list of episodes for the French animated television series Code Lyoko. The first season has no set viewing order save for the last two episodes, so it is listed by the order in which it aired. Following seasons have their episodes numbered, and are ordered by that number. ...
  6. Exploration (also known as Voyages of Discovery and Christoph Kolumbus in Germany) is a simulation strategy game designed by Software 2000 in 1994.
  7. (Explorations (album)) Explorations is a 1961 album by jazz musician Bill Evans originally released on Riverside label as RLP-351. It was the second album he recorded with his trio of Scott LaFaro on bass and Paul Motian on drums. Evans considered it one of his favorites from this period. ...
  8. (Explorations (TV)) Explorations, powered by Duracell is a documentary TV series that looks into the many aspects of the human life with science, technology and research.
  9. The act of exploring; Notably penetrating, or ranging over for purposes of (especially geographical) discovery; A physical examination
  10. (Explorations) Hands-on learning adventures throughout the city or on campus that engage apprentices in a variety of historical and cultural resources. Explorations take place on non-apprenticeship days and focus on building the academic skills of writing, data analysis, and oral presentation.
  11. Explorations are opportunities that allow Mentors and Leaders to grow through experiential learning. Explorations are designed by the Mentors and provide Mentors with and opportunity to develop their own leadership skills in an area of their interest. ...
  12. A general term referring to all efforts made in the search for new deposits of oil and gas.
  13. The act of searching for potential sub-surface reservoirs of gas or oil. Methods include the use of magnetometers, gravity meters, seismic exploration, surface mapping, and the drilling of exploratory test wells (wildcats).
  14. Prospecting, sampling, mapping, diamond drilling and other work involved in searching for ore.
  15. Operation in which the model is explored and the result is presented in either diagrammatic or programmatic notation.
  16. The first phase of operations in the search for new accumulations of hydrocarbons. Typically includes the carrying out of seismic surveys to define a target followed by its drilling to investigate hydrocarbon potential.
  17. The first surface crossing of the Arctic Ocean was led by Wally Herbert in 1969, in a dogsled expedition from Alaska to Svalbard with air support.
  18. one of the first ideologies many burgeoning hackers adopt. Exploration is simply the motivation to explore new aspects of the Internet, bypassing security along the way — often simply to learn more.
  19. the act of searching for new, undiscovered oil and gas resources.
  20. The process of exploring possibilities and life options in achieving an identity.
  21. The method of facilitation that uses no set or predetermined viewing instructions (contrasted to formal techniques such as TIR or Unblocking that have precise patterns of questions or instructions). ...
  22. In the broad sense, the whole range of mining activity from searching for and developing mineral deposits to developing the mine. In the strict sense, the search for mineral deposits up to discovery and includes the deliniation of the deposit by means of drilling and sampling.
  23. The intentional searching for any mineral, but not including mining.
  24. activities associated with ascertaining the existence, location, extent or quality of mineralised material, including economic and technical evaluations of mineralised material.
  25. All the different choices and ideas you try in rehearsal to arrive at a performance.