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Having knowledge or skill in a particular field, esp. a profession or job, gained over a period of time,
  1. Having knowledge or skill in a particular field, esp. a profession or job, gained over a period of time
    • - an experienced social worker
    • - she was experienced in marketing

  1. having experience; having knowledge or skill from observation or participation
  2. (experience) go or live through; "We had many trials to go through"; "he saw action in Viet Nam"
  3. (experience) know: have firsthand knowledge of states, situations, emotions, or sensations; "I know the feeling!"; "have you ever known hunger?"; "I have lived a kind of hell when I was a drug addict"; "The holocaust survivors have lived a nightmare"; "I lived through two divorces"
  4. (experience) an event as apprehended; "a surprising experience"; "that painful experience certainly got our attention"
  5. (experience) feel: undergo an emotional sensation or be in a particular state of mind; "She felt resentful"; "He felt regret"
  6. (experience) have: undergo; "The stocks had a fast run-up"
  7. Experience as a general concept comprises knowledge of or skill in or observation of some thing or some event gained through involvement in or exposure to that thing or event. The history of the word experience aligns it closely with the concept of experiment.
  8. (Experience (book)) Experience is a book of memoirs by the British author Martin Amis. The book was written primarily in response to the 1995 death of Amis' father, the famed author Kingsley Amis and first published in 2000. It was awarded the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for biography.
  9. (Experience (Emerson)) "Experience" is the name of an essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson. It was published in the collection Essays: Second Series in 1844.
  10. (Experience (Soundtrack from the Film "Experience" Vol. 1)) Experience was a posthumous live album by Jimi Hendrix, released in August 1971 in the United Kingdom by Ember Records. ...
  11. (Experience (The Prodigy album)) Experience is the debut album by the English band The Prodigy. The album was released on 28 September 1992 through XL Recordings, and peaked at #12 in the charts in October.
  12. (The Experience (film)) The Experience (تجربه, Tajrobe) is a 1973 Iranian short feature film directed by Abbas Kiarostami.
  13. (experience) Event(s) of which one is cognizant; Activity which one has performed; Collection of events and/or activities from which an individual or group may gather knowledge, opinions, and skills; The knowledge thus gathered; : To observe certain events; undergo a certain feeling or process; ...
  14. (EXPERIENCE) The loss record of an insured, class of coverage, or of an insurance company.
  15. (Experience) Refers to the history of actual claims paid for the contract period (see paid claims) or can refer to the history of claims incurred during a contract period.
  16. (experience) This refers to the loss ratio status of a particular risk, or of a particular coverage, or of a particular carrier, etc. over a specified period of time.
  17. (Experience) The perception the customer forms while purchasing or using your product/service. Remember: Your customer’s perception is your reality.
  18. (experience) the combination of an intuition with a concept in the form of a judgment. 'Experience' in this 'mediate' sense is a synonym for 'empirical knowledge'. ...
  19. (Experience) A term used to describe the relationship, usually expressed as a percent or ratio, of premium to claims for a plan, coverage, or benefits for a stated time period.
  20. (EXPERIENCE) n.  What you get when you don't get what you want.
  21. (Experience) Record of losses, whether or not insured.
  22. (Experience) Michael Moesslang has 20 years of experience as owner of an advertising agency and 20 years as lecturer and trainer.
  23. (18. Experience) The name men give to their mistakes.
  24. (experience) v. to live through an event, situation or condition ("She experienced great pain."); n. something that one has done or lived through ("The experience caused her great pain.")
  25. (EXPERIENCE) (1) The loss record. It can be that of an insured, an agent, a territory, a type of insurance written, or any other category. (2) A statistical compilation relating losses to premiums