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expenditures, plural;
  1. The action of spending funds
    • - the expenditure of taxpayers' money
  2. An amount of money spent
    • - cuts in public expenditure

  1. outgo: money paid out; an amount spent
  2. expending: the act of spending money for goods or services
  3. consumption: the act of consuming something
  4. In business, retail, and accounting, a cost is the value of money that has been used up to produce something, and hence is not available for use anymore. In economics, a cost is an alternative that is given up as a result of a decision. ...
  5. Act of expending or paying out; An amount expended; an expense; an outlay
  6. (Expenditures (Consumer Expenditure Survey)) Expenditures consist of the transaction costs, including excise and sales taxes, of goods and services acquired during the interview or recordkeeping period. ...
  7. (expenditures) Decreases in net financial resources. Expenditures include current operating expenses which require the current or future use of net current assets, debt service and capital outlays.
  8. (Expenditures) The actual spending of money, as distinguished from the appropriation of it. Expenditures are made by the disbursing officers of the administration; appropriations are made only by Congress. ...
  9. (expenditures) Amounts paid or incurred for all purposes, including expenses, provision for retirement of debt, and capital outlays.
  10. (EXPENDITURES) Where accounts are kept on the accrual or modified accrual basis of accounting, the cost of goods received or services rendered whether cash payments have been made or not. ...
  11. (Expenditures) (Reported as whole dollars only. Cents omitted.) INCLUDES all library payments regardless of the source of funds. ...
  12. (Expenditures) Cash outlays for items necessary and essential to the operation of the agency but not including encumbrances.
  13. (Expenditures) Costs that have been incurred. This report summarizes costs by Budget Category and expense account number.
  14. (Expenditures) Disbursement of funds from a trust or guardianship account.
  15. (Expenditures) Funds spent for energy purchased and paid for or delivered to a manufacturer during a calendar year. For the purposes of the MECS, expenditures include State and local taxes and delivery charges.
  16. (Expenditures) In cash accounting, actual disbursements of cash or checks.
  17. (Expenditures) In terms of municipal services, expenditures refer to fixed and variable costs incurred in the process of producing services and delivering them to customers.
  18. (Expenditures) Includes:  all state fiscal year (SFY 2006) expenditures for the programs, case management, administration, and operation (including field and administrative staff expenses) of your state's child welfare services system, including all funds for services contracted out to another ...
  19. (Expenditures) The Service Boards expend funds when they incur costs for the work completed by a third party (such as a vendor, consultant or contractor) or by the Service Boards’ own labor.
  20. (Expenditures) The balance in Standard General Ledger (SGL) account 4900, Expended Appropriations. Paid and unpaid expenditures for (a) services performed by employees, contractors, vendors, carriers, grantees, lessers, or other government funds; (b) goods and tangible property received; and (c) ...
  21. (Expenditures) The outflow of cash, a promise to pay, or other financial resources in return for goods and services that have been received.
  22. (Expenditures) are costs and expenses that have been paid. Or when the money is sent to the supplier to pay for them.
  23. (Expenditures) the amount of money, cash or checks actually paid or obligated for payment from the treasury.
  24. (expenditures) Governmental accounting uses the term expenditures to differentiate government rules from business rules. In business, the term expense is the phrase of choice. Expenditures is used in government to show the modified cash or modified accrual basis. ...
  25. The term “expenditures” is sometimes loosely used to refer to cash payments. However, a strict definition is the cost of goods and services acquired, regardless of the timing of related payments. ...