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excluding, present participle; excluded, past tense; excludes, 3rd person singular present; excluded, past participle;
  1. Deny (someone) access to or bar (someone) from a place, group, or privilege
    • - women had been excluded from many scientific societies
  2. Keep (something) out of a place
    • - apply flux to exclude oxygen
  3. Remove from consideration; rule out
    • - computer software is excluded from the mandatory 15-year write-off
  4. Prevent the occurrence of; preclude
    • - clauses seeking to exclude liability for loss or damage

  1. prevent from being included or considered or accepted; "The bad results were excluded from the report"; "Leave off the top piece"
  2. prevent from entering; shut out; "The trees were shutting out all sunlight"; "This policy excludes people who have a criminal record from entering the country"
  3. lack or fail to include; "The cost for the trip excludes food and beverages"
  4. bar: prevent from entering; keep out; "He was barred from membership in the club"
  5. eject: put out or expel from a place; "The unruly student was excluded from the game"
  6. (exclusion) the state of being excluded
  7. To bar (someone) from entering; to keep out; To expel; to put out; To refuse to accept as valid; To eliminate from diagnostic consideration
  8. (excluding) to the exclusion of; not including
  9. (exclusion) The act of debarring or shutting out; removal from consideration or taking part. [from 17th c.]; The act of pushing or forcing something out. [17th-19th c.]; An item not covered by an insurance policy. [from 20th c.]
  10. (Excluded) Income or resources not counted for the purpose of determining eligibility only.
  11. (Excluded) To be shunned or not invited; Left out
  12. (Excluded) Upon your arrival to America at a port of entry, such as at an airport, you are barred from entering the country. This differs from being deported because you never actually made it into the United States.
  13. (Excluded) from the list are: A pseudo-acronym (or empty acronym[1]) is an apparent acronym or other abbreviation which doesnt stand for anything, or cannot be officially expanded to some meaning. ...
  14. (Excluded) means relating to an engine that either:
  15. (Excluded) the file has been manually excluded by the user. This is accomplished by excluding a file/folder in the Drive Properties Notebook, Excluded Files tab.
  16. (excluded) shut out - applied to proper or thalline margin of a discocarp when the disc swells, causing the margin to be obliterated.
  17. Excluded unknowns are unknown specimens which are not included in any subpopulation distribution analysis. Excluded samples are identified by an Ex- before the specimen's sequence number.
  18. (Excludes) International Exam Vouchers and Text books for N+ and MCDST
  19. (Exclusion) Prior to the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, exclusion was the formal term for denial of an alien’s entry into the United States. The decision to exclude an alien was made by an immigration judge after an exclusion hearing. ...
  20. (Exclusion) Control of disease by preventing its introduction (e.g., by quarantines) into disease-free areas. Exogenous - Produced outside.
  21. (Exclusion) A term in an insurance contract, which excludes the insurer from liability for specified types of loss. An exclusion may apply throughout a policy or it may be limited to specific sections of it.
  22. (Exclusion) Certain causes and conditions, listed in the policy, which are not covered.
  23. (Exclusion) A policy provision indicating a circumstance or event, such as an act of war, that would cause the benefit to be denied.
  24. (Exclusion) A health condition, situation, item, service or expense that an insurance policy does not cover. Medicare excludes coverage for most prescription drugs, long-term care, and custodial care in a nursing or private home.
  25. (Exclusion) These Terms and Conditions are subject to any terms and conditions that cannot be excluded by law, including without limitation, those implied by the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth). ...