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exasperations, plural;
  1. A feeling of intense irritation or annoyance
    • - she rolled her eyesin exasperation

  1. aggravation: an exasperated feeling of annoyance
  2. actions that cause great irritation (or even anger)
  3. exacerbate: exasperate or irritate
  4. (exasperate) infuriate: make furious
  5. (exasperate) worsen: make worse; "This drug aggravates the pain"
  6. (exasperated) greatly annoyed; out of patience; "had an exasperated look on his face"; "felt exasperated beyond endurance"
  7. (exasperating) extremely annoying or displeasing; "his cavelier curtness of manner was exasperating"; "I've had an exasperating day"; "her infuriating indifference"; "the ceaseless tumult of the jukebox was maddening"
  8. Annoyance is an unpleasant mental state that is characterized by such effects as irritation and distraction from one's conscious thinking. It can lead to emotions such as frustration and anger. The property of being easily annoyed is called petulance, and something which annoys is called a nuisance.
  9. (exasperate) To frustrate, vex, provoke, or annoy; to make angry
  10. A moderate form of anger caused by having your patience unduly tried.
  11. Exasperation, frustration
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