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(preceding a singular noun) Used to refer to all the individual members of a set without exception,
  1. (preceding a singular noun) Used to refer to all the individual members of a set without exception
    • - the hotel assures every guest of personal attention
    • - the children hung on his every word
  2. Used before an amount to indicate something happening at specified intervals
    • - tours are every thirty minutes
    • - they had every third week off
  3. (used for emphasis) All possible; the utmost
    • - you have every reason to be disappointed

  1. every(a): (used of count nouns) each and all of the members of a group considered singly and without exception; "every person is mortal"; "every party is welcome"; "had every hope of success"; "every chance of winning"
  2. In predicate logic, universal quantification formalizes the notion that something (a logical predicate) is true for everything, or every relevant thing. The resulting statement is a universally quantified statement, and we have universally quantified over the predicate. ...
  3. All of a countable group, without exception; Used with ordinal numbers to denote those items whose position is divisible by the corresponding cardinal number, or a portion of equal size to that set
  4. (Everys) A passing pattern where a passing beat alternates with a self beat. The simplest version is 2-count.
  5. Since every normally modifies a singular noun, a singular verb usually follows ("Every page contains important new information"). When every modifies two or more nouns joined by and, the singular verb is standard ("Every man, woman, and child is going to benefit"). ...
  6. refers to all the members of a group inclusively: Every one of us voted the same.
  7. nonzero vector x is an eigenvector of I. A basis for the eigenspace of I is the set of columns of I.
  8. All. Omitting none. Without exception.
  9. piece of sash on our windows has a length of reinforcement that is a full 1.5mm thick... not the 1-1.2mm that is sometimes offered by others. This gives you much improved strength, greater safety and is the reason why our windows are substantially heavier than most others... ...
  10. industry sector including: