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escorts, plural;
  1. Accompany (someone or something) somewhere, esp. for protection or security, or as a mark of rank
    • - Shiona escorted Janice to the door
    • - the shipment was escorted by armed patrol boats
  1. A person, vehicle, ship, or aircraft, or a group of these, accompanying another for protection, security, or as a mark of rank
    • - a police escort
    • - he was driven away under armed escort
  2. A man who accompanies a woman to a particular social event

  3. A person, typically a woman, who may be hired to accompany someone socially
    • - an escort agency

  1. accompany as an escort; "She asked her older brother to escort her to the ball"
  2. bodyguard: someone who escorts and protects a prominent person
  3. see: accompany or escort; "I'll see you to the door"
  4. the act of accompanying someone or something in order to protect them
  5. an attendant who is employed to accompany someone
  6. date: a participant in a date; "his date never stopped talking"
  7. Escort is a British men's adult magazine, or softcore magazine, which falls under the description of pornography, or erotica.
  8. The Biz is a 1995 album by The Sea and Cake.
  9. The Escort (La scorta) is a 1993 Italian crime film directed by Ricky Tognazzi. It was entered into the 1993 Cannes Film Festival.
  10. L'Escorte is a Lucky Luke adventure written by Goscinny and illustrated by Morris. It is the twenty eighth book in the series and It was originally published in French in the year 1966 .
  11. (Escorting) Prostitution is the act or practice of providing sexual services to another person in return for payment. People who execute such activities are called prostitutes. Prostitution is one of the branches of the sex industry. ...
  12. (The Escorts (Iowa band)) The Escorts (later The Do's & Don'ts) are a 50's and 60's Rock and roll band from Iowa, United States. The Iowa Rock 'N Roll Music Association's Hall of Fame inducted this band in the year that the Hall of Fame was started, 1997. ...
  13. A body of armed men to attend a person of distinction for the sake of affording safety when on a journey; one who conducts some one as an attendant; a guard, as of prisoners on a march; also, a body of persons, attending as a mark of respect or honor; -- applied to movements on land, as convoy ...
  14. (Escorted) for a specific purpose, for eg. To attend a funeral, attend a job interview or to have specialised medical treatment. Usually for day leave only. Inmate must not consume alcohol or entre licensed premises. Inmate is escorted by an authorised person: or
  15. (Escorting) A type of quest found in many games where the player must escort an "AI" controlled "NPC" to a particular location, protecting them from harm along the way.
  16. (escorting) A librarian leads a patron around the Web; when the librarian clicks a link in his or her browser to go to a Web site, the patron's browser goes to the same site. See also application sharing; co-browsing; page pushing; URL sharing.
  17. A cleared employee, designated by the contractor, who accompanies a shipment of classified material to its destination. ...
  18. Some countries do not require parents to travel to receive their child. These countries allow adoptive parents to exercise the option of using an escort to bring their child home. An escort is an individual who supervises the transit of children from sending to receiving countries.
  19. A vehicle used to monitor progress when movement of an over-dimensional, high-value or sensitive shipment.
  20. A person, often a prostitute, who is hired to spend time with another as a companion.
  21. The individual -- usually a PAO or NCO -- who accompanies members of the press while they are in theater and accredited by the news media center, allied press information center or joint information bureau.
  22. Escort was the Japanese company that provided internal systems for companies like Sun Project and Shoei. Their gas system incorporates a full-stroke blowback system in most models to allow for full recoil, and was designed to allow for the use of AEG magazines in many cases. ...
  23. An adult whale that accompanies a cow-calf pod.
  24. Attending a vessel, to be available in case of need, e.g., icebreaker, tug, etc.
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