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erased, past participle; erasing, present participle; erased, past tense; erases, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Rub out or remove (writing or marks)
    • - graffiti had been erased from the wall
  2. Remove all traces of (a thought, feeling, or memory)
    • - the magic of the landscape erased all else from her mind
  3. Destroy or obliterate (someone or something) so as to leave no trace
    • - over twenty years, the last vestiges of a rural economy were erased
  4. Remove recorded material from (a magnetic tape or medium); delete (data) from a computer's memory

  1. remove from memory or existence; "The Turks erased the Armenians in 1915"
  2. remove by or as if by rubbing or erasing; "Please erase the formula on the blackboard--it is wrong!"
  3. wipe out digitally or magnetically recorded information; "Who erased the files form my hard disk?"
  4. Erase is the third studio album released by Dutch death metal band Gorefest. It was released in 1994 Nuclear Blast Records.
  5. (Erased (album)) "Erased" is the debut album from the Swedish metal band Inja.
  6. (The Erased) The Izbrisani (The Erased) is the name used in the media, for a group of people in Slovenia that remained without a legal status after the declaration of the country's independence in 1991.
  7. to remove markings or information; To obliterate information from (a storage medium), such as to clear or (with magnetic storage) to demagnetize; To obliterate (information) from a storage medium, such as to clear or to overwrite; To remove a runner from the bases via a double play or pick ...
  8. (Erased) (e-ras'd) A term applied to the head of an animal or other bearing having the appearance of being forcibly torn off, leaving jagged or uneven ends.
  9. (erased) torn from the body, with jagged edges erect upright
  10. (Erased) Always used of a body part, most often a head. Erased means the part has a jagged edge where it was separated from the rest of the body, as distinct from couped which would have a smooth edge, as if cut.
  11. (Erased) The charge appears torn apart.
  12. to cause an engram to “vanish” entirely by recounting, at which time it is filed as memory and experience and ceases to be part of the reactive mind. See also engram; reactive mind.
  13. A procedure for removing media from a video program, leaving black space (called filler) in its place to maintain the spacing and length of the entire program. Sometimes called a non-ripple edit.
  14. The # character in terminal input erases itself and the preceding character in edited input mode. (The erase character was " in CTSS.)
  15. clear all information in main text box and graphical areas.
  16. "Nothing is indelible," said Tom irascibly.
  17. Erasing computer memory changes specified binary data in storage with zeros or other null codes. Erasing has the effect of clearing the storage area.
  18. causes the graph to be erased when you press RETURN after the graph has been displayed.
  19. To remove previously written data by randomizing the magnetic orientation of the media (see Degausser).
  20. A process by which a signal recorded on a medium is removed and the medium made ready for rerecording.
  21. or DEL – help you to delete one or more folders
  22. Completely wiping , deleting or destroying all electronic data. ^
  23. Mundane or magical writing vanishes.
  24. v. (mil) To kill or assassinate.
  25. VT (computer file) viŝiKL