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eras, plural;
  1. A long and distinct period of history with a particular feature or characteristic
    • - his death marked the end of an era
    • - the era of glasnost
  2. A system of chronology dating from a particular noteworthy event
    • - the dawn of the Christian era
  3. A major division of time that is a subdivision of an eon and is itself subdivided into periods
    • - the Mesozoic era
  4. A date or event marking the beginning of a new and distinct period of time

  1. a period marked by distinctive character or reckoned from a fixed point or event
  2. a major division of geological time; an era is usually divided into two or more periods
  3. earned run average: (baseball) a measure of a pitcher's effectiveness; calculated as the average number of earned runs allowed by the pitcher for every nine innings pitched
  4. Adjusted ERA+, often simply abbreviated to ERA+ or ERA plus, is a pitching statistic in baseball. It adjusts a pitcher's earned run average (ERA) according to the pitcher's ballpark (in case the ballpark favors batters or pitchers) and the ERA of the pitcher's league. ...
  5. An era is a commonly used word for long period of time. When used in science, for example geology, eras denote clearly defined periods of time of arbitrary but well defined length, such as for example the Mesozoic era from 252 Ma–66 Ma, delimited by a start event and an end event. ...
  6. Era is the eponymous debut album by Eric Lévi's New Age music project Era, released in 1996 (see 1996 in music). Some editions include bonus track "After Time".
  7. The geologic time scale provides a system of chronologic measurement relating stratigraphy to time that is used by geologists, paleontologists and other earth scientists to describe the timing and relationships between events that have occurred during the history of the Earth. ...
  8. Era (styled as eRa) is a New Age music project by French composer Eric Lévi. The band has sold more than 12 million albums. They use lyrics (by Guy Protheroe) which although similar to Greek or Latin are in fact deliberately devoid of any exact meaning.
  9. A ERA is a Bulgarian publishing house created by Tsvetelina Decheva (Dečeva; president) in 1996. It publishes mainly translated works by authors such as Jeffery Deaver, Orson Scott Card, Agatha Christie, Katerine Eliot, Stefan Kisyov and Aleksandr Belov.
  10. “Earned Run Average” baseball statistic; Equal Rights Amendment; electrically reconfigurable array; explosive reactive armor
  11. A time period of indeterminate length, generally more than one year
  12. (ERAS) Electronic Residency Application Service
  13. (Eras) abbreviation of 'Desiderius Erasmus' (Dutch scholar and humanist (1466-1536))
  14. (eras) One of the major divisions of the geologic time scale. PICTURE
  15. Latin aera "age, point of time"
  16. Embedded remote access. ERA allows you to perform remote, or "out-of-band," server management on your network server using a remote access controller.
  17. Electronic Records Archive
  18. European Research Area
  19. Electronic Research Administration. Conducting research administration by utilizing electronic resources such as the Internet, the World Wide Web, databases, and other electronic tools.
  20. A time period dominated by a particular physical process.
  21. ERA measured against the league average, and adjusted for ballpark factors. An ERA+ over 100 is better than average, less than 100 is below average.
  22. Explosive Reactive Armor; an applique armor that consists of a HE layer between two metal slabs. When a HEAT round strikes a ERA package, HE layer detonates inducing a spin of metal slabs which causes HEAT jet to collapse or lose penetrating power. ...
  23. Just because you’ve been together so long that neither of you care about farting in front of each other doesn’t mean you can stop taking the kind of chances that bring in a run in your relationship. ...
  24. The Electronic Retailing Association is the industry trade organization for direct response marketers and associated vendors.
  25. A period of history marked by a new or distinct order of things.