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enrolments, plural; enrollments, plural;
  1. The action of enrolling or being enrolled
    • - the amount due must be paid on enrollment in October
    • - enrollments for teacher training have dropped off sharply
  2. The number of people enrolled, typically at a school or college

  1. registration: the act of enrolling
  2. (enroll) register formally as a participant or member; "The party recruited many new members"
  3. (enroll) To enter (a name) in a register, roll or list; To enlist (someone) or make (someone) a member of; To enlist oneself (in something) or become a member (of something)
  4. (Enrollments) The number of students who are officially recognized by a school and program as being enrolled in that program, as of a given date. (Note: This includes transfer students and re-admissions.)
  5. (Enroll) To join a health plan.
  6. (ENROLL) To prepare a measure that has passed both houses for the appropriate signatures.
  7. (ENROLL) To sign and submit an Independent Business Associate Application and Agreement form to Synterra Health for the purpose of becoming an Independent Business Associate for the Company.
  8. (Enroll) Once a bill has passed both houses, its amendments, corrections, and changes are consolidated into one text to be presented to the governor for signature.
  9. (Enroll) Students who were admitted to an institution and subsequently enrolled (note that some institutions have an open admission policy).
  10. (Enroll) The point at which a study participant is assigned to a study treatment in a clinical trial.
  11. (Enroll) To become covered for benefits under a group health or other plan (that is, when coverage becomes effective) without regard to when the individual may have completed or filed any forms that are required in order to enroll in the plan.
  12. (Enroll) To register or enter a school or course as a participant.
  13. (Enroll) verb to align one’s reason and motive power for an action or a course of action to produce a particular result.  I’m enrolled in that idea, meaning I’m “on board” to do that. This is distinguished from “liking” an idea.
  14. (Enrolled) The status of a student who has met either of the following requirements: Completed the registration requirements (except for the payment of tuition and fees) at the school the student is attending. ...
  15. (Enrolled) A bill is an enrolled bill if it was amended in the opposite chamber.
  16. (Enrolled) A status indicating a Medicaid provider or payee has gone through the process of submitting paperwork to the Provider Participation Unit and been reviewed and approved.
  17. (Enrolled) Student is registered at BVC and attending classes
  18. (Enrolled) The learner has completed the intake process, has a goal entered, and has completed a pre-test for entry into the program. The learner may or may not have 12 or more instructional hours.
  19. (Enrolled) These are students who have scheduled classes and/or are currently taking courses.
  20. (Enrolled) you have been recorded as registered with a university or college.
  21. (Enrolling) The process of collecting biometric data from the individual, which is later, processed and stored as a template.
  22. (ENROLLING) The act of signing up participants into a study. Generally this process involves evaluating a participant with respect to the eligibility criteria of the study and going through the informed consent process.
  23. (Enrolling) Preparing a bill in the final form that it passes the Legislature.
  24. (Enrolling) The process of being formally admitted to a specific course
  25. the preparation of an exact, accurate and official copy of a measure in its final form in the house of origin, with amendments adopted in the opposite house or in a conference committee and concurred in by the house of origin incorporated in the measure; the final and official copy includes the ...