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encyclopaedias, plural; encyclopedias, plural;
  1. A book or set of books giving information on many subjects or on many aspects of one subject and typically arranged alphabetically

  1. a reference work (often in several volumes) containing articles on various topics (often arranged in alphabetical order) dealing with the entire range of human knowledge or with some particular specialty
  2. Encyclopédia is a French television channel dedicated to encyclopedic knowledge.
  3. Encyclopedia is a rock band band from Yeovil, Somerset UK. Benjamin Wood and Oliver Herdsman started Encyclopedia in 2004 and built up a reputation for a unique live set by both playing Electric Guitar to a backing track of sequences and drum beats pre programmed onto an mp3 player.
  4. Wikipedia is a free, web-based, collaborative, multilingual encyclopedia project supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. Its 16 million articles (over 3. ...
  5. Encyclopedia was a television series created by the HBO Network and the for-profit branch of the Children's Television Workshop (CTW), Distinguished Productions. The series premiered on the HBO network in 1988.
  6. A comprehensive reference work with articles on a range of subjects
  7. (Encyclopedias) Secondary sources which present background information for broad subjects. They do not present the critical analysis that you will find in scholarly treatises or law review articles. ...
  8. (Encyclopedias) are essentially derivative from what has gone before, and particularly in the 19th century, copyright infringement was common among encyclopedia editors.
  9. Encyclopedias number 256 pages and measure 6 by 9 inches in library cloth. Each volume lists contributors and affiliations. Entries signed by authors. Entries and authors listed in each volume. One to three volumes each annually. Supplementary and index volumes appear irregularly. In English. ...
  10. A reference book, either general or subject specific, which provides background information and specific facts.
  11. To dream of seeing or searching through encyclopedias, portends that you will secure literary ability to the losing of prosperity and comfort.
  12. Are you a History enthusiast? This is your section! In the encyclopedia you can find, edit and write all the information about your club: anything related to it!
  13. added new videos to Bande-annonce (1 month ago)
  14. One or more volumes containing informational articles on subjects in many fields of knowledge or a specific field. Used in research to provide background information. (Unit 2> Starting Your Search)
  15. A reference book containing information on all subjects, or limited to a special field or subject (sometimes in more than one volume).
  16. A single or multi-volume reference work that provides general background on either a wide range of topics or a more specialized discipline. ...
  17. A reference source containing information on a variety of topics.  This information may be supplied in short paragraphs or in lengthy articles that include citations to other works on the same topic. ...
  18. A work containing factual articles on subjects in every field of knowledge, usually arranged alphabetically. A Subject  Encyclopedia is a similar work devtoed to a single field of activity or a single subject. ...
  19. a huge collection of articles on many subjects; it can be a set of books, or a computer website or CD-ROM
  20. A work containing informative articles on subjects in every field of knowledge (e.g. World Book, Britannica) or limited to a specialized area of knowledge(e.g.The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Christopher Columbus Encyclopedia,, International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences).
  21. Reference work made up of individual articles written by experts on the various topics and giving a broad overview and background information.   May also include references to authoritative books and journal articles on a subject.
  22. Gives an overview of a topic, including definition, description, background, and bibliographical references. Remember that almost every encyclopedia has an "Index" (see below).
  23. a reference material that is often published in several volumes to provide general information about a subject. ...
  24. An encyclopedia is a book or set of books containing alphabetically arranged articles/entries on numerous topics covering either many branches of knowledge or several aspects of one subject field. An encyclopedia’s primary purpose is the clear, accurate presentation of facts. ...
  25. A book or set of books of information articles usually arranged in alphabetical order.