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Showing or giving emphasis; expressing something forcibly and clearly,
  1. Showing or giving emphasis; expressing something forcibly and clearly
    • - the children were emphatic that they would like to repeat the experience
    • - an emphatic movement of his hand
  2. (of an action or event or its result) Definite and clear
    • - he walked stiffly, with an emphatic limp
  3. (of word or syllable) Bearing the stress

  4. Denoting certain Arabic consonants that are pronounced with both dental articulation and constriction of the pharynx

  1. An emphatic consonant

  1. spoken with emphasis; "an emphatic word"
  2. forceful and definite in expression or action; "the document contained a particularly emphatic guarantee of religious liberty"
  3. (emphatically) decidedly: without question and beyond doubt; "it was decidedly too expensive"; "she told him off in spades"; "by all odds they should win"
  4. an emphatic consonant; Characterized by emphasis; Stated with conviction; of obstruent consonants in Semitic languages
  5. forcibly expressive; bearing emphasis