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Arousing or able to arouse intense feeling,
  1. Arousing or able to arouse intense feeling
    • - animal experimentation is an emotive subject
    • - the issue has proved highly emotive
  2. Expressing a person's feelings rather than being neutrally or objectively descriptive
    • - the comparisons are emotive rather than analytic

  1. affectional: characterized by emotion
  2. eMOTIVe is the third album by American rock supergroup A Perfect Circle. It was released on November 1, 2004 (although in the United States on the following day). It was released to coincide with the US presidential election. ...
  3. “Emotional expressions”, also called “emotives” are an effort by the speaker to offer an interpretation of something that is observable to no other actor (Reddy 1997). ...
  4. of, or relating to emotion; appealing to one's emotions
  5. (emotiveness) The condition of being emotive
  6. Emotional expressions used by the artist to convey a thought or feeling to the viewer. These expressions may be related to the environment the character is interacting within.