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embassies, plural;
  1. The official residence or offices of an ambassador
    • - the Chilean embassy in Moscow
  2. The staff working in such a building
    • - the embassy denied any involvement in the murder
  3. The position or function of an ambassador

  4. A deputation or mission sent by one ruler or state to another

  1. a diplomatic building where ambassadors live or work
  2. an ambassador and his entourage collectively
  3. A diplomatic mission is a group of people from one state or an international inter-governmental organisation (such as the United Nations) present in another state to represent the sending state/organisation in the receiving state. ...
  4. Embassy is a brand of cigarettes from Imperial Tobacco. First sold in 1914 and relaunched as a coupon brand in 1962, in 1976 they were invited to sponsor the World Snooker Championships, which they did from then until 2005 at which time they had to pull out due to the UK government's ban on ...
  5. Embassy is a 1972 film based on a novel by Stephen Coulter.
  6. Embassy was an Australian television series originally broadcast by the ABC from 1990 to 1992. There were three series produced with a total of 39 episodes. ...
  7. Prince Nana Osei Bandoh is an American professional wrestler of Ghanaian extraction, better known by his ring name, Prince Nana. He has stated that he is an Ashanti prince.
  8. An office of a government in the capital city of another country. Embassies usually offer a full range of services to their citizens.
  9. A diplomatic mission in the capital city of a foreign country headed by an ambassador.
  10. a mission, especially one undertaken by an ambassador. The warriors in Book IX are symbolic ambassadors from Agamemnon to Achilles.
  11. A diplomatic mission that acts as a contact point between the visiting country and host nation.
  12. The official representation of a foreign government in Washington, which is staffed by an ambassador and his personnel.
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  14. An ambassadors official residence.