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embargoes, plural;
  1. Impose an official ban on (trade or a country or commodity)
    • - the country has been virtually embargoed by most of the noncommunist world
  2. Officially ban the publication of
    • - documents of national security importance are routinely embargoed
  3. Seize (a ship or goods) for state service

  1. An official ban on trade or other commercial activity with a particular country
    • - an embargo on grain sales
    • - the oil embargo of 1973
  2. An official prohibition on any activity

  3. An order of a state forbidding foreign ships to enter, or any ships to leave, its ports

  4. A stoppage, prohibition, or impediment

  1. a government order imposing a trade barrier
  2. ban the publication of (documents), as for security or copyright reasons; "embargoed publications"
  3. prevent commerce; "The U.S. embargoes Libya"
  4. An embargo is the partial or complete prohibition of the movement of merchant ships into or out of a country's ports, in order to isolate it. ...
  5. In academic publishing, an embargo is a period during which access is not allowed to certain types of users. The purpose of this is to protect the revenue of the publisher.
  6. In journalism and public relations, a news embargo or press embargo is a request by a source that the information or news provided by that source not be published until a certain date or certain conditions have been met. ...
  7. "The Embargo" is an historical poem written by the American poet William Cullen Bryant in 1808, when he was thirteen years old. Bryant was a critic of Jeffersonian political philosophy, and the work was his attempt to satirize a shipping embargo imposed by Thomas Jefferson at the time.
  8. An order by the government prohibiting ships from leaving port; A ban on trade with another country; A temporary ban on making certain information public; To impose an embargo on trading certain goods with another country; To impose an embargo on a document
  9. (Embargoes (boycotts)) Complete bans on economic exchange.
  10. A government order prohibiting the entry or departure of commercial vessels or goods at its ports.
  11. This is an act of international military aggression where an order is made prohibiting ships or goods from leaving a certain port, city or territory and may be enforced by military threat of destroying any vehicle that attempts to break it or by trade penalties. ...
  12. a total restriction on a particular good leaving or entering a county; any restriction imposed in the release of information, advertising, etc before a given date.
  13. A restriction on the distribution or publication of a document or the information it contains, until the time stipulated for its release. ...
  14. Any restriction or restraint, especially one imposed on commerce by law; specifically (a) a prohibition of trade in a particular commodity (b) a prohibition or restriction of freight transportation.
  15. an official order forbidding something from happening, especially trade.
  16. To resist or prohibit the acceptance and handling of freight. An embargo may be caused by acts of God such as tornadoes, floods, inclement weather, congestion, etc.
  17. The prohibition of some category of trade. May apply to exports and/or imports, of particular products or of all trade, vis a vis the world or a particular country or countries.
  18. The period during which articles in a periodical are not available in full-text online. Usually the 3, 6 or 12 most recent months.
  19. To delay – in this case, to delay publication of a thesis or dissertation.
  20. (noun) – the prohibition or ban on publishing the Theme or Achievements before all Jams have received them
  21. Restricting access to an electronic document for a specific period of time. Also, called Publication Delay. See Delay, Publication; Closed Access
  22. the period of time between publication of a journal and the availability of that journal in a particular full-text database.
  23. Limitation on the earliest time when a news item given to a journalist can be published or broadcast, usually a date.
  24. An embargo on a journal/magazine title in the Journal Search means that there is no online access to the stated number of "current" years of a specific journal title. Always look first for the WPI icon for subscribed titles. ...
  25. in journalism, this is a prohibition against publishing information released to reporters until a specific date. Announcements of scientific breakthroughs or discoveries are quite often embargoed until a specific date to ensure that all news outlets release the story on the same day.