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  1. electronic mail: (computer science) a system of world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that can be regenerated at the recipient's terminal when the recipient logs in; "you cannot send packages by electronic mail"
  2. e-mail: communicate electronically on the computer; "she e-mailed me the good news"
  3. Electronic mail, commonly called email or e-mail, is a method of exchanging digital messages across the Internet or other computer networks. Originally, email was transmitted directly from one user to another computer. ...
  4. Alternative spelling of e-mail; Alternative spelling of e-mail
  5. (E-mails) It is the policy of StL Mobile Tech that the e-mails that are passed through our site are held in the strictest of confidence. E-mails are used only for the purpose of extending additional/ extended customer services, (unless we are notified otherwise by the sender). ...
  6. (Emails) French term for porcelain signs. Hard to use successfully in most search engines!
  7. (The E-Mails) are E-Mails are E-Mails. The business world has had enough. They’re great to shout out for immediate calls to actions issues, clarifications, quick questions, etc. ...
  8. Literally, electronic mail. E-mail is a way that a computer user connected to the Internet can communicate with other connected users through text. E-mail also allows users to send documents, images, sound clips and video between computers. ...
  9. Also called electronic mail, refers to messages sent over the Internet. E-mail can be sent and received via newer types of wireless phones, but you generally need to have a specific e-mail account.
  10. (Electronic Mail) -- Messages, usually text, sent from one person to another via computer. E-mail can also be sent automatically to a large number of addresses (Mailing List).
  11. How many visitors arrived via email. Only web mail is supported, however, because clicking on a link from within a program like Outlook will not send any referrer data to your site.
  12. the media is the message or so they say. One of the fastest growing means of reaching an audience without the expense of a postage stamp.
  13. Electronic mail permits the sending of primarily text-based information and html across the Internet.
  14. Electronic Mail. Text messages sent through a network to specified individual or group. Email messages can also carry attached files.
  15. A way of electronically transmitting messages via phone or cable lines connecting computer terminals.
  16. The transmission of computer-based messages over telecommunication technology.
  17. A method of exchanging digital messages. Originally a text-only communications medium, email was extended to carry multi-media content attachments.
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  20. Electronic mail is messages transmitted over the Internet. These may be simply text, or acompanied by attachments like documents, images or other content.
  21. Short for electronic mail, the transmission of messages over communications networks. The messages can be notes entered from the keyboard or electronic files stored on disk. Most mainframes, minicomputers, and computer networks have an e-mail system. ...
  22. Electronic mail; messages, including memos or letters, sent electronically between networked computers that may be across the office or around the world.
  23. Abbreviation for electronic mail.
  24. Electronic mail. One of the earliest standard Internet protocols which enables people with different computers and operating systems to communicate with each other. E-mail allows one-to-one or one-to-many mailings. ...
  25. Email allows you to send and receive text, HTML, images and other data files over the Internet. Email is one of the most popular online activities and has become a vital tool for electronic commerce.