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Difficult to find, catch, or achieve,
  1. Difficult to find, catch, or achieve
    • - success will become ever more elusive
  2. Difficult to remember or recall
    • - the elusive thought he had had moments before

  1. difficult to describe; "a haunting elusive odor"
  2. skillful at eluding capture; "a cabal of conspirators, each more elusive than the archterrorist"- David Kline
  3. difficult to detect or grasp by the mind or analyze; "his whole attitude had undergone a subtle change"; "a subtle difference"; "that elusive thing the soul"
  4. baffling: making great mental demands; hard to comprehend or solve or believe; "a baffling problem"; "I faced the knotty problem of what to have for breakfast"; "a problematic situation at home"
  5. (elusiveness) the quality of being difficult to grasp or pin down; "the author's elusiveness may at times be construed as evasiveness"
  6. "Elusive" became the first single for British singer/songwriter Scott Matthews and was released on 18 September 2006 . ...
  7. evading capture, comprehension or remembrance; rarely seen; difficult to describe
  8. (elusively) In an elusive manner
  9. Able to remain unseen or otherwise out of sight; hidden.
  10. tending to avoid capture
  11. tapdırmaģan, tutdurmaģan