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elections, plural;
  1. A formal and organized process of electing or being elected, esp. of members of a political body
    • - the 1860 presidential election
    • - an election year
    • - the first of his family to run for election
  2. The act or an instance of electing
    • - his election to the House of Representatives
  3. (in Calvinist theology) Predestined salvation

  1. a vote to select the winner of a position or political office; "the results of the election will be announced tonight"
  2. the act of selecting someone or something; the exercise of deliberate choice; "her election of medicine as a profession"
  3. the status or fact of being elected; "they celebrated his election"
  4. the predestination of some individuals as objects of divine mercy (especially as conceived by Calvinists)
  5. (elect) chosen: an exclusive group of people; "one of the elect who have power inside the government"
  6. (elect) select by a vote for an office or membership; "We elected him chairman of the board"
  7. An election is a formal decision-making process by which a population chooses an individual to hold public office. Encyclpoedia Britanica Online. Accessed August 18, 2009 Elections have been the usual mechanism by which modern representative democracy operates since the 17th century. ...
  8. Election is a 1999 American comedy film adapted from a critically acclaimed 1998 novel of the same title by Tom Perrotta. The plot revolves around a three-way election race in high school, and satirizes both suburban high school life and politics. ...
  9. Election (Literal Title: Black Society, a common Cantonese reference to the society of Triads), is a 2005 Hong Kong crime film directed by Johnnie To. ...
  10. Election is a BAFTA award-winning political reality show on BBC Television won by Quincy Washington, presented by Angellica Bell and judged by Jonathan Dimbleby. It first aired on Thursday 16 October 2008. A second series is currently being comissioned, due to air in mid 2010.
  11. The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is an international patent law treaty, concluded in 1970. It provides a unified procedure for filing patent applications to protect inventions in each of its contracting states. ...
  12. The following is an episode list for the Disney Channel situation comedy, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.
  13. A process of choosing a leader, members of parliament, councillors, or other representatives by popular vote; The choice of a leader or representative by popular vote; Any conscious choice; In Calvinism, God's predestination of saints including all of the elect
  14. (elect) (theology) In Calvinist theology, those foreordained to Heaven; To choose or make a decision (to do something); To choose (a candidate) in an election; Who has been elected in a specified post, but has not yet entered office
  15. (Elections) The processes of voting to decide a public question or to select one person from a designated group to perform certain obligations in a government, corporation, or society.
  16. (Elections) These are used to pick the people in charge of our country. Everyone over the age of 18 usually gets the chance to vote in an election.
  17. (Elections) You can make an election if you want your income or gains to be taxed in an alternative way. There are strict time limits for elections, and you must normally satisfy specific conditions before you can use the revised treatment. ...
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  19. The AKB48 elections appeared in 2009 and from what I gather, there are plans to do them every year. It’s a method in which fans are able to vote for their favorite girl in order to get her into senbatsu, which is usually picked by the management otherwise. ...
  20. (elect) v. to choose by voting
  21. (ELECT) The act of choosing.
  22. (Elect) Denotes in general one chosen or taken by preference from among two or more; as a ...
  23. (Elect) means to choose, the chosen; those who choose God first become the Chosen, or the Elect.
  24. (The Elect) The group of believers who will survive the Great Tribulation so that Jesus will have a remnant left on earth to rescue when the Rapture comes.
  25. (Elected) Mayor · Public Advocate · Comptroller · City Council · Borough Presidents