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Requiring no physical or mental exertion,
  1. Requiring no physical or mental exertion
    • - went up the steps in two effortless bounds
  2. Achieved with admirable ease
    • - her effortless sense of style

  1. requiring or apparently requiring no effort; "the swallows glided in an effortless way through the busy air"
  2. casual: not showing effort or strain; "a difficult feat performed with casual mastery"; "careless grace"
  3. (effortlessness) the quality of requiring little effort; "such effortlessness is achieved only after hours of practice"
  4. the Soul's way of "doing" things in the sweet ease. Everything is already accomplished. All we do is bring our Consciousness to it. Within this Moment all possibilities exist in a state of waiting to be energized by our thoughts, desires, and feelings so that they can manifest in our lives.
  5. Sleeping through an exam