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The movement of the tide out to sea,
  1. (of tidewater) Move away from the land; recede
    • - the tide began to ebb
  2. (of an emotion or quality) Gradually lessen or reduce
    • - my enthusiasm was ebbing away
  1. The movement of the tide out to sea
    • - I knew the tide would be on the ebb
    • - the ebb tide

  1. a gradual decline (in size or strength or power or number)
  2. flow back or recede; "the tides ebbed at noon"
  3. the outward flow of the tide
  4. hem in fish with stakes and nets so as to prevent them from going back into the sea with the ebb
  5. fall away or decline; "The patient's strength ebbed away"
  6. Ebbs is a municipality in the Kufstein district and is located 7 km north of Kufstein at the border to Bavaria, Germany. The village has 7 parts and was mentioned for the first time as „Episas“ in 788. Rumor has it that settlement already began in the roman age. ...
  7. The period of a tidal cycle when the tidal current is flowing seaward or when the tide level is falling.*
  8. The outgoing tide and its associated currents; See Flood and Slack.
  9. A period of flow back, decline, or recession.
  10. Ral has modified John Bollinger's regular Bollinger bands to conform to the Fibonacci mathematics of the methods. Instead of 2.0 standard deviations, we use the Fibonacci growth constant of 2. ...
  11. Electric Blow-Back. Pistol where the slide is operated by an electric motor. Generally considered inferior to Gas Blow-Backs.
  12. A good-natured, cream-colored Snork with a protruding front tooth who snorks and talks backwards. Shunned for his eccentricities in his hometown, Ebb left and settled down in a deserted, run-down reef in Snorkland. ...
  13. This term refers to a receding current.
  14. The outflow of tide, a receding tide.
  15. (i) the fall of the tide (ii) the current associated therewith [the ebb sets westerly]
  16. An acronym for electric blow-back. This is a type of Airsoft blow-back gun reloading Mechanism. These guns differ from the Airsoft gas Blow-Back gun in that the reloading mechanism is powered by standardized batteries instead of gas. ...
  17. Electric Blow-Back. These are pistols in which the slide moves backwards and forwards when being fired. While this increases realism, it decreases power, as energy must be diverted to power the blow back effect instead of being focused on the actual firing of the projectile.
  18. period when the tide is going out
  19. the going back or lowering of the tide.